Seven Shropshire councillors to highlight 'grave concerns' over Local Plan proposals around Bridgnorth

Shropshire Councillors around Bridgnorth are banding together to highlight "grave concerns" surrounding large-scale development set for the area.

An artist's impression of what Tasley Garden Village could look like
An artist's impression of what Tasley Garden Village could look like

The plans relate to Taylor Wimpey's Tasley Garden Village (TGV), which would consist of at least 1,050 homes and 16 hectares of employment land, and further development around Much Wenlock which would double the population it serves, as well as the release of land from the green belt in Stanmore and Alveley.

The development is outlined in Shropshire Council's Local Plan Review, which sets out where housing and employment land can be built up until 2038.

But eight councillors from Bridgnorth, Much Wenlock, Tasley and surrounding parishes are to question the plans when they go before cabinet to be approved on December 7.

Councillors Elliott Lynch and Les Winwood, who represent Bridgnorth West and Tasley, said Bridgnorth Livestock Market must be saved "at all costs".

Bridgnorth West & Tasley Shropshire Councillor Les Winwood

In a letter to Shropshire Council's cabinet, they said: "Under the SAMDEV proposals, the livestock market was to relocate over the A458 to enable 500 homes to be built on the current livestock market site.

"This was considered necessary to separate the new homes and people from the livestock market, which is a much-valued business for our town along with all of the industrial units attached.

"Why are we then, having moved the livestock market, now under the Taylor Wimpy proposals going to build 1,050 houses next to the relocated market?"

Elliott Lynch, Shropshire Councillor for Bridgnorth West & Tasley

They added that "upwards of 2,000" cars would leave the site, clogging up roads through Bridgnorth.

Councillor Robert Tindall, who represents Brown Clee, raised concerns about the loss of mineral deposits between Bridgnorth and Morville, and asked Shropshire Council if it "could ever be proud" of connecting the two locations via the A458.

Robert Tindall, Shropshire Councillor for Brown Clee

"Although only a comparatively small area of land of the proposed TGV affects my electoral division of Brown Clee compared with the other neighbouring divisions, I have received a large electronic post bag of complaints and concerns, and not one email that comes anywhere close to being supportive," Councillor Tindall added.

Councillor David Turner, who represents Much Wenlock, is set to ask Shropshire Council to "stall" the Much Wenlock plans "until far more is understood".

Much Wenlock Shropshire Councillor David Turner,

Councillor Turner highlighted the combined impact nearby developments at the former Ironbridge Power Station, Cressage, Bridgnorth, Buildwas and Much Wenlock would have on the town, doubling its population.

Meanwhile, Councillor Tina Woodward, who represents Alveley & Claverley, and Councillors Christian Lea and William Parr, who represent Bridgnorth East & Astley Abbotts, will ask whether the A442, A458, A454, B4176 and rural lane network will be improved to cope with thousands of extra vehicles from TGV.

Alveley & Claverley Shropshire Councillor Tina Woodward

"Councillor Christian Lea has raised concerns that councillors have not been provided with any firm evidence from highways to prove that the local road network can accommodate a substantial increase in traffic volumes, and that it can be 'made to work' has been put to us," Councillor Woodward said.

Councillor Woodward is also set to question whether an approved caravan site could count towards Alveley's overall housing target, which would reduce the amount of land being released from the green belt.

Bridgnorth East & Astley Abbotts Shropshire Councillor Christian Lea

Councillor Woodward added: "In my opinion officers should review the housing numbers as, if housing numbers were to be reduced to take account of the new residential units, this would result in less green belt being utilised, which in my opinion should be welcomed by officers and cabinet."

Bridgnorth East & Astley Abbotts Shropshire Councillor William Parr

Representing Worfield, Councillor Michael Wood noted that TGV was preferred to a similar scheme in Stanmore due to it not being within the green belt, yet additional green belt land has also been earmarked to expand Stanmore Business Park regardless.

Councillor Wood added: "In addition, the recommended site at TGV includes a substantial amount of land for commercial use.

"Does this not represent an over supply for this purpose so rendering the Stanmore Business Park site surplus to requirements?"

Worfield Shropshire Councillor Michael Wood

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