Teenager reunited with cat six years after best friend went missing

A Shropshire youngster has been reunited with his beloved cat Jess after six years apart - and the pair are inseparable once more.

Owen Tucker, aged 14, of Cleobury North, with his cat, Jess, after she went missing for six years
Owen Tucker, aged 14, of Cleobury North, with his cat, Jess, after she went missing for six years

Owen Tucker, of Cleobury North. had to do some sterling detective work helped by his mum Clare and the Shropshire RSCA before they found the black Tabby.

Originally given to Owen when he was four and had lost the family cat, Jess came with them when he and Clare moved to Berriew on the Welsh border.

When he was eight, they moved to Welshpool, and Owen was devastated to lose Jess, frantically searching the whole area for lost cats but to no avail.

Owen and Jess

The determined youngster didn't give up when he and his mother moved to Shropshire, finally tracking Jess down through the Shropshire RSPCA putting a picture of an elderly stray that had been handed in on their Facebook page.

When they contacted Jess and Clare and they went to see her, Owen knew it was his furry friend.

He said: "I knew straight away because she did all the things she used to do before we lost her, like purring when I rubbed her neck and coming to me for treats.

"It was horrible living without her , when we moved to Welshpool and she went missing we walked the streets looking but couldn't find her. Then when we moved to Shropshire we checked all the cat rescues in the Shropshire and Wales area.

"When my mum called me into her room and there was Jess I rushed over with tears pouring from my eyes. Ever since she has been back she has followed me round constantly and sleeps with me every night. She still loves watching TV and eating treats but most of all she loves her chin and neck rubs.

Anne Wignall, from Shropshire RSPCA, said she was delighted Jess had been reunited with her family.

She said: "We had been in touch with Owen as he was constantly looking for Jess and we had a feeling when someone brought a black cat around 11 years old in that she might be the one so put it out there and his mum came and collected her - she knew straight away it was Jess.

"The cats we deal with don't always get a happy ending but it is wonderful that in this case she could be reunited with her family again."

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