Councillor likens Bridgnorth potholes to tank traps for stopping Nazis

By Rob Smith | Bridgnorth | Transport | Published:

A councillor alluded to the Nazi regime and tank warfare in saying that Shropshire Council should do more about potholes in Bridgnorth.

Bridgnorth town centre's potholes

Helen Howell of Bridgnorth Town Council complained about "dreadful" potholes that she compared to tank traps to deter the Nazis.

She referred to Adolf Hitler's plans, had his army successfully invaded Britain in the Second World War, to site his British headquarters in Bridgnorth.

Bridgnorth town centre's potholes

“I know Hitler was proposing to site his HQ in Bridgnorth but I don't think we need tank traps now,” she said after a difficult journey through the town on Sunday.

"These are just a few of the dreadful potholes in Bridgnorth. The High Street needs all the help it can get to stay thriving. We pay our council tax, we deserve to be cared for by Shropshire Council.”

Hitler's plans for Bridgnorth were found in a Belgian bunker at the end of the war.

Bridgnorth Town Council's Helen Howell, who complained about potholes in the centre of Bridgnorth

It was revealed earlier this year that Shropshire Council has a backlog of 3,500 potholes reported across the county.

The authority also announced that it had taken on an expert to provide "crucial advice" on fixing road defects on a six-month contract after running successful operations elsewhere.

A statement last week said: "Among improving our responsiveness to highway defects, he will also ensure that the quality of pothole repairs is improved, meaning that when we fix a pothole it stays fixed until permanent works are undertaken."

Rob Smith

By Rob Smith

Senior reporter for the Shropshire Star based at Ketley in Telford.


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