#WearRedForZac: Shropshire turns red to back poorly youngster Zac, 4

By Dominic Robertson | Telford | Health | Published:

Shropshire was today going red in support of the campaign to get four-year-old Zac Oliver vital leukaemia treatment in the US.

More than 60 schools and upwards of 160 businesses, including supermarkets, restaurants and factories, were today taking part in the 'Wear Red for Zac' day.

The Shropshire Star website has even turned from blue to red for the day.

There are also more than 400 dedicated collection tins at shops, businesses and organisations across the county.

Some schools, including Lawley Village Academy, have arranged the 'wear red' days to take place before or after today.

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Youngsters at Buildway Academy dressed in red yesterday and even spelled out his name on the playgorund.

A firm from New Zealand might also have been one of the first to kick off Wear Red for Zac day - and their effort proves just how far the message is going.


Albert Jagger, a sheetmetal engineering firm, made a banner showing their support for the brave four-year-old.

Message from New Zealand

"Good luck Zac - from New Zealand," they wrote.

The Wear Red for Zac day has been organised as part of the drive to raise £500,000 to take Zac, from Broseley, to Philadelphia for treatment, which is unavailable to him on the NHS.


Zac has a very rare form of childhood leukaemia, called Near Haploid.

#WearRedForZac on Twitter:

Zac's mum, Hannah Oliver Willets, and his father Mark Garbett, said they had been touched by the amount of people who are supporting their efforts.

Hannah said: "Absolutely everyone is getting involved. It has kept going and the support is what makes us smile and feel like we can achieve this. The public have made this feel like it is achievable and it is not a crazy idea to think we could get to the US. It is realistic now."

Hannah said the level of interest had been overwhelming.

She said: "We cannot keep up, we literally cannot keep up.

"There are loads and loads more people who want donation tubs and posters but we physically do not have the man power or the funds to make them and get them out there.

"We would just say to anyone who wants to help to print their own posters if they can, anything to help out.

"There are more than 400 donation tubs and 1,000 posters out there but people still want more. It is incredible."

Mark added: "I was lying in bed the other night and I thought 'I wonder what is going on in the world local to us?'.

"So I started looking on Facebook and all I could find was Zac. Everyone I know, everyone I do not know, it was just all about Zac.

"Zac has become everyone else's world as well as mine."



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