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Roman treasure from AD60-100 found by Newport History Society member

Historians in Newport were thrilled when a rare Roman brooch dated back to around AD60 was found by a society member.

With the Roman brooch he found, Newport Society member Chris Maudsley, at Deli 45, Newport

Members of Newport History Society have been waiting with anticipation to finally see the restored version of the brooch, which was found to be of Roman origin.

The brooch, a rare complete example of a Roman Poldin Hill variant, was recovered by Newport History Society member, Chris Maudsley, while detecting at a site between Newport and Telford back in 2019.

Finding the brooch on September 3, 2019 was the last thing Chris expected when doing his usual detecting, but the history enthusiast beamed when he discovered the treasure.

With the Roman brooch he found, Newport Society member Chris Maudsley, at Deli 45, Newport, with (left) Deli 45 owner Lisa Baker, Newport History Society field officer Julian Meeson, and member Cathryn Ross-Talbot

Julian Meeson, fellow Newport History Society member, said: "The brooch which has been dated to AD60-AD100, was initially found to be in relatively good condition. Unfortunately there were signs of bronze disease on the main body of the brooch.

"Left unchecked this would have eaten away the decoration and surface patina of the brooch. Being a rare, complete example, the decision was taken to have the brooch conserved.

"The work was carried out by one of the county's top conservation specialists, Pieta Greaves, of Drakon Heritage & Conservation."

Now nearly two years later to the day it was discovered, the brooch is back in the society's hands where they can display the find proudly.

The brooch will be on display in Deli 45 in Newport – where the Newport History Society have a display centre – from the end of September.