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Telford man uses 1p pieces to cover his kitchen floor - and catches the eye of rapper Snoop Dogg

A man from Telford has made his kitchen floor entirely out of one pence pieces - and says it was worth every penny.


Matt Giles, from The Rock in Telford, individually stuck over 27,000 coppers down to get his dream floor, even drawing the attention of rapper Snoop Dogg,


It took the 43-year-old just six weeks to complete his masterpiece, after visiting banks across Shropshire to change his money into individual pennies.

The IT worker spent £270 on the floor in total - after being inspired by a picture on the internet.

Matt and his partner Amy, who've lived in their semi detached for 10 years, had ripped up their lino floor just days before coming up with the plan.

Matt Giles in his kitchen where he installed the penny floor
Matt Giles in his kitchen where he installed the penny floor

The dad-of-two said: "We did it over a period of six weeks but we probably spent about 200 hours in total.

"We'd had a lino floor put down just a few days before, but it marked really easily and we weren't happy with it.

"The company gave us a refund and after deciding we didn't want tiles, carpet or laminate, we looked into alternative options.

"It was actually Amy who came up with the idea, apparently it's really popular in the U.S."

The couple visited different banks and a Post Office to exchange their notes for bags of pennies and got to work straight away.

They even invited friends over to help lay down the pennies, which cover the 10 by 10 metre kitchen floor.

Matt Giles in his kitchen where he installed the penny floor
Matt Giles in his kitchen where he installed the penny floor

Matt started off by using a self-levelling compound back in October 2016 before laying the pennies one by one.

They then poured on the grout and finished it off with epoxy resin, which prevents the coins from discolouring in sunlight.

Matt said: "The resin gives it a really smooth, glass finish.

"It's actually a lot warmer than ceramic tiles, too, which we didn't expect."

Amy, who's 36 and also works in IT, said it was better than they ever imagined.

She said: "We absolutely love it.

"I saw it on the internet on the Friday and we'd started it the next day.

"We're very impulsive.

"A few have been round to see it and so far, everyone loves it."

Matt added: "It's fantastic and everyone comments on how unique it is.

"It's better than we thought it would be.

"You look at pictures on the internet and you know it's going to be good, but when you look at it in person it's 10 times better."

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