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Rally in last-ditch bid to keep Shrewsbury's Quarry swimming pool

Campaigners will take to the streets in a last chance bid to save Shrewsbury's swimming pool.


The Quarry Swimming and Fitness Forum, which is campaigning to keep Shrewsbury's swimming facilities in the town centre, will hold a public rally.

The event, on July 2, will begin at Pride Hill and organisers say a march will be held to show support for the town's swimming pool.

Bernard Wills, chair of the forum, said: "It is really to promote the meeting that is taking place on July 13 when Shropshire Council will make a decision on what option it will recommend for its preferred location for the pool.

"It is the same as the march we did last year, it will start at 11am on Pride Hill and go through the Market Square off to finish at the Quarry.

"It is to try and get everybody to understand that this is the last time to show their desire to keep the pool in the town and hopefully to send the right message to Shropshire Council that people want to be heard."

The council will discuss where its recommended location for swimming provision will be at its cabinet meeting on July 13.

Meanwhile, the authority has given Shrewsbury's Business Improvement District, Shrewsbury Town Council, and the Quarry Forum 12 months to come up with a business case to save the Quarry pool.

But campaigners say it does not make sense to make a decision on the preferred option before seeing the forum's plans.

A public consultation into the town's future swimming provision was carried out from May to October 2015, and found that 68 per cent of the 1,900 people that took part wanted to keep the pool in the town centre.

The rally will begin at 11am and residents are encouraged to show their support.

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