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Glamping site with 10 yurts planned for farm near Oswestry

A farm near Oswestry is hoping to create a luxury glamping site with 10 yurts and a barn which would be suitable for wedding receptions.


Tanycoed Farm in Llansilin is rented on a long-term lease by Katrina and Steve Boydon.

It held a "trial run" this summer, putting up three removable Mongolian yurts.

The trail was successful, and the couple now want to put up a total of 10 yurts on the site, along with having a tent campsite and concerting a dilapidated barn into a wedding venue.

Mrs Boyden said: "We would very much like to go ahead with our yurt glamping site and further expand the business into tent camping and a wedding and event venue.

"We've received 100 per cent positive and complimentary reviews, and general opinion is that the site is perfect for a rural wedding venue.

"Part of the appeal is the traditional feel of the house and stable block, which are over 100 years old.

"The plan is to provide a rustic and appealing yurt glamping, tent camping, wedding and event venue to serve the greater Oswestry area.

"To our knowledge, there is nothing similar closer than Shrewsbury."

The couple and their four children moved to the farm in April this year, and Mrs Boydon said since then they have been working to restore the buildings to a usable condition.

"The buildings were unusable and even dangerous for people and animals," Mrs Boydon said.

"Every outbuilding contained rubble and scrap metal and had hundreds of nails sticking out of all the beams.

"Now, the stables and outdoor kitchen shack have been repaired, the pasture fencing has been re-done, and we've repaired the old pigsty and have two pigs.

"The outbuildings aren't quite derelict, but they are run down and in further need of repair.

"The Llangedwyn estate, which owns the farm, has no plans to renovate the buildings for agricultural use, but having seen what we've done so far, the estate has said it will support the venture, for example by contributing to the repair or replacement of the beams in the stable block.

"Unless the buildings are repurposed in some way, they will continue to deteriorate as they have done for the last 25 plus years, but there is local support for our proposed business and it would provide employment if the business goes ahead."

The plans have been submitted to Shropshire Council and a decision is expected before the end of the year.

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