Giant ducks in Ironbridge: Where to see them all

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Giant ducks have taken over the Ironbridge Gorge – and thousands of people are turning out to join in the fun.

The giant ducks in Ironbridge. Photos by by Shropshire Star reader Shaun Dean.

From Dale End Park, through Bedlam Furnaces and round to the Toll House, there are 10 of the massive birds to find.

Each one has been designed by local schoolchildren or artists, and help celebrate the long history of the area.

Where to find the Ironbridge ducks - see below for which duck is which

Julie Ward, who started the project, is hoping to raise £18,000 for the Jayne Sargent Foundation and Severn Hospice by auctioning off the ducks.

The larger-than-life birds were made possible thanks to a Pride in Your High Street Fund grant from Telford & Wrekin Council.

Sadly a few of the ducks have been damaged since they were first put up earlier this month – but they have been repaired.

These photos of the ducks were all provided by Shropshire Star reader Shaun Dean.

1 - Natural Bee-uty: The first stop on the duck trail is situated at Dale End Park, and was designed by Ria Davies from Sir Alexander Fleming School, Telford. The spring-like floral design was inspired by Alison’s Bee Class, a programme educating future generations about why bees are important in the environment. The artwork was bought to life by local artist Alicia Hollis.


2 - Mr Darby: The next duck can be found at Merrythought car park and was designed by Traci Moss. It can be easily spotted due to its striking blue background. Its design also features the famous Iron Bridge. The original drawing was bought to life by Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing.
3 - Dr Duck: The third duck lives at the stunning Museum of the Gorge. The design was produced by James Harwood of Charlton School and later completed by Nicky Meechan. Doctor Duck features bold colours, and even a patch pocket for all those duck essentials.
4 - Coalbrookdale: This duck was both designed and created by Donna Newman, a local professional artist. The design has an Industrial Revolution-inspired theme illustrating the close links between history and the Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale area. The design is particularly striking thanks to the realistic 3D effect and eerie mechanical eye.
5 - Peace Duck: Halfway through the trail you come across the groovy Seventies-inspired decorations on the giant duck near the Bedlam Furnaces. The design is sure to get noticed because of its use of florescent colours and hypnotic patterns. Originally drawn by Amber Whitaker, of Charlton School in Wellington, the duck was later created by Jenny Leonard.


6 - Once Upon A Fairytale: This dazzling duck was both designed and created by Lois Cordelia, a local artist and tutor who specialises in cut paper acrylic designs. The giant duck is based on a fairy tale theme and has been made to look as though it is made out of solid gold. It also features black intricate stencil-type designs showing mystical creatures and wildlife.
7 - Mawster : This colourful duck lives at Lloyds Head and was designed by Hazel McNab and later created by local mosaic artist Jackie Coyle. The design uses darker colours and reflects Jackie's background in tile and mosaic art.
8 - C-Ellie-Brate: The eighth duck can be found on Severn Way. The design uses lots of vibrant colour, and is even wearing a celebratory banner to mark the occasion. It was designed by Ellie Perk of Abraham Darby Academy and made by artist Traci Moss.
9 - Paddlington Duck: This duck is based on the childhood favourite Paddington Bear. The duck can be found on Severn Way, wearing a bright blue hat and red duffle coat. Designed by Laura Palczynski and bought to life by Betti Moretti.
10 - Lady Victoria: The last duck on the trail can be found at Toll House. Lady Victoria was designed and made by Megan Evans. The duck is wearing make-up especially for the occasion.


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