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What the crowd of Jessie J's first performance of her new tour found was someone new from the poppy and upbeat artist from 2015 when she last performed in England.

Jessie J at the O2 Institute in Birmingham. All pics by Andy Shaw

She felt more like Jessica Ellen Cornish, her birth name, at the O2 Institute show as she poured her heart into the audience and befriended them.

It was disappointing for fans of the type of music from her first album, Who You Are, released in 2011, but exciting for fans of the artist herself. She was raw and honest, donning a long black dress with slicked-back hair.

Jessie J at the O2 Institute in Birmingham

She started with a powerful rendition of Who You Are and performed her latest single Think About That, a song which fans knew would mean a different chapter for the chart-topping star.

Her parents were in the crowd, which is fitting as her new and fourth album, R.O.S.E, is named after her mother.

The 29-year-old shouted: "Are you ready to have some fun? Lets go."

She truly showed off unique vocals which required no editing or to be complimented by an extravagant stage set or light show.

Jessie, the audience, a four-piece band and her voice were more than enough for the crowd, who did not seem to mind that she was late by 25 minutes.


One of her fans asked her to catch a piece of paper which they threw down.

Jessie J at the O2 Institute in Birmingham

She read it out loud for everyone to hear: "Thank you Jessie, I wouldn't be here without you today."

She was charming and honest with jokes and more in-depth insights into her life and what it is like to return after two years of being absent from live performances in England.


She said: "Forgive me if I'm all over the place. I'm feeling every emotion I am in this moment. I'm feeling giggly, I've cried, I've been angry and I've peed five times."

"I landed from LA yesterday so my body is still adjusting. We made this show up in five days and you are the first to hear it."

Halfway through a rendition of Nobody’s Perfect, she stopped to talk: "It's so weird I haven't seen you guys in two or three years.

Jessie J at the O2 Institute in Birmingham

"Everyone looks old. Everyone has curves and your eyebrows are different.

"I feel like a parent, everyone is my family... Sorry, I need to finish the song.

“It's nice to see my fans have grown up with me."

Before she went into a cover of What About Love, she said: “Music has to reflect the times and right now we’re in a world of global warming, terrorism, racism, pain and the only thing that can conquer love is hate.

"I know it sounds cliché, but one person’s evil cannot out weight everyone else’s love. I want you to sing this with me."

Jessie J at the O2 Institute in Birmingham

She took the time to get to know the audience and even gave one member the microphone after she said she could sing - which she proved she could.

Jessie pretended to be back on The Voice, where she was on the UK version from 2012 to 2013, by pressing the imaginary red buzzer and turning around after she was impressed by the 14-year-old fan.

She said: “I want you to sing along to this song and if you can’t sing, then just be nice to the person next to you and don’t. You’re laughing because that’s you.”

She was charming and revealed a new person and performer that she would be in her new album.

Charlotte Callear

By Charlotte Callear

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