£3.5 million revamp for Shropshire railway stations

MORE THAN £3.5 million is to  be spent on transforming two Shropshire railway stations.

Cosford Railway Station
Cosford Railway Station

MORE THAN £3.5 million is to  be spent on transforming two Shropshire railway stations.

Bosses at Network Rail have revealed plans to close Cosford Railway Station, parts of which are more than 100 years old, for nearly five months and spend £2.1 million rebuilding it. The existing wooden station building was opened in 1937.

The work at Cosford will be followed by a £1.5 million refurbishment of Albrighton Railway Station, just minutes down the line, starting next spring.

During the closure of the station at Cosford, which is on the Shrewsbury to Wolverhampton line, a bus service will be provided to the station in Albrighton by London Midland.

  • Click on the podcast, right, to hear The Severn's Dani Wozencroft talking to National Rail's Keith Lumley about the plans for Cosford Railway Station
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Comments for: "£3.5 million revamp for Shropshire railway stations"

Harold Peasbody

£2m on a minor halt? What absurd waste - I could understand £2m being spent on the appalling Telford Central station but not Cosford!


And can we expect a rebuild as attractive as the area's only other modern station buildings at Telford? I mean they're lovely aren't they?

I like Cosford Station, it suits its location - by all means add facilities and extensions if they're really needed, but do they have to know the whole thing down?? Meanwhile, National Rail are unable to improve the urine-scented and Colditz-like walkway across the much more heavily used Wellington station, nor add the carpark to platform lift that would be so sensible.

class 104 dmu

Rob could I please point out a few little thing,s wrong with what you have written.

It,s not National Rail thay can tell you the times of the train,s but have nowt to do with any of the station,s on the railway network.

And the second thing is this as you so nicely put it the urine-scented and colditz-like walkway across Wellington station is being cleaned every day.that does include the stair,s and wall,s being scrubbed by hand with hot water and cleaner.

B Ching

I always knew when I was almost home as I'd have gone past a couple of piles of wood at the side of the track - ie Cosford - it seemed a bit quaint even just 30 years ago but surely it deserves better now?

£2m won't go far though!

Ryan Jones

I disagree with the previous statement as a regular user of the station. The current one looks terrible and doesn't feel too sturdy underfoot so a replacement will be very welcome, especially during the Air Show for all the other people who come into area.

I also hear Telford Central is also having some work completed on it??


I'd of thought the ancient state of Whitchurch station would of been a higher priority...........

J Scarratt

I do so hope they provide a really good big free car park and then this would become such a useful station ; it would reduce so much road traffic at other less car friendly stations in the area . I come from Church Stretton and would use it in preference to Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton if there was a reasonable service and I could PARK . It would make so much sense to use the otherwise wasted area around the station.

B Wilcock

They is a big FREE car park already at Cosford directly opposite the station.

J Scarratt

I didn't know that ! Thanks ....it does need a better service and more stops though to go with it, straight to London for instance ?


Wouldn’t it be better update it somewhat, rather than to knock it down completely, much more in keeping with the area.


jeez people they can't seem to do right for doing wrong read the article it has parts 100 years old and needs doing, cosford station is also alot busier then you might imagine

Karen evans

So does this mean there is hope for a train station in market drayton ? I hope so


Considering it would cost tens of millions of pounds to rebuild the railway line, no..


i think that cosford and telford both need doing telfords a mess and when people come to telford by train its the first thing they see. and cosford if parts are over 100 years well just refurb them then its a proper old staion and i love going there on the train


Telford is having £1m spent on it - but works were due to start in July #NRFAIL

But will this mean quicker journeys to BNS on the LM stoppers?

Anna Williams

I hope so, Karen Evans. For those who can not drive, some due to poor health, Market Drayton is becoming more like an open prison....... you know there's life out there, but unless you can go on a bus for an hour each way, there's no way to get anywhere.

Please check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/245329852186149/ for more info.

V Lewis

Cosford does not have disabled access so I presume they will be putting ramps in. This will also help the mums and toddlers from the base. Telford has been approved for improvement but I understand that the cctv will remain the same. I know the police believe the current system is useless as the tapes are that old and are reused, noone can be identified. London Midland say they dont have the funding? LM-must do better!

Y Mab Darogan

I have never seen anyone use the station at Cosford.

Could'nt buses be provided (A or 6 seater) to take people from Cosford to the stations at Telford or Wolverhampton and the money used for the rebuild used to reduce rail ticket prices.