Wind turbine hold-ups in Shropshire and Mid Wales could ‘put patients at risk’

Fears have been raised that lorries carrying wind turbine parts through Shropshire and Mid Wales could cause hold-ups for patients travelling to hospital.

Fears have been raised that lorries carrying wind turbine parts will cause hold-ups for people travelling to hospital
Lorries carrying wind turbine parts like this are on the way

Joy Jones, county councillor for Newtown and leader of the town’s health forum, has today voiced concerns that convoys transporting wind turbine parts for work on the Tirgwynt windfarm, between Cefn Coch and Carno, and the Garreg Llwyd Hill windfarm, on the Black Mountain between Felindre and Llanbadarn Fynydd, will cause disruption to Mid Wales patients’ journeys to hospital.

She said: “I’m convinced that people will die as a result of the traffic caused by the windfarm traffic, especially patients living in Newtown because there’s also the bypass works to consider.

“The roads are bad enough without works on the area’s roads but this will get worse because of the works.” Mrs Jones also reiterated her plea to health officials to site a future single A&E department at Shrewsbury, something she has been calling for since the beginning of the Future Fit proposals.

“Surely healthy hospital staff should be travelling to the sick patients, not the sick patients travelling further to them,” she said. “It shouldn’t be about saving money, and money should not be put in front of patients. Patients come first.”

Mrs Jones has also criticised comments made by Dr Edwin Borman, medical director of Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, last week, who insisted longer travel times to hospital will not lead to more deaths.

She said: “I’m sorry but prior to Future Fit, health professionals stressed the importance of the vital golden hour and now apparently time isn’t an important factor.

“Medical professionals have for years spoke of how crucial the golden hour is on ensuring better outcomes for patients. Those better outcomes diminish by the second depending on the situation.”

The long-time health campaigner has spoken out after Welshpool Town Council announced it has set up a working relationship between itself and the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust to ensure residents are well informed.

Mrs Jones praised the scheme but said it was time for residents to speak up.

She added: “We now need residents to stand up and share any horror stories they have because it’ll be too late once we’ve lost the fight.”

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Comments for: "Wind turbine hold-ups in Shropshire and Mid Wales could ‘put patients at risk’"


I'm no fan of windfarms, but what absolute nonsense.

Emergency Service vehicles would not be unduly delayed anyway and everyone else should just allow extra time for their trips if they're going on routine appointments.

The roads of Powys being what they are, there are loads more potential dangers and hold-ups motorists face every day. Belt up, Joy Jones.


Strange how the learned councillor highlights the issue of the loads going to the wind farm.

I wonder has she ever been stuck behind a convoy of agricultural tractors, a funeral cortège or other abnormal load, and if so why has she not been screaming blue murder over that? Perhaps they weren't en route to the windfarm which I gather she is against? Selective grievances or in plain language, hypocrisy. No doubt if her electric went off she'd be howling like a banshee, you know that electric that grows on electric trees in other people's gardens.


A way of transporting these large heavy items to site would be to lease one of the giant Russian Mi-26 helicopters which is the second most powerful and largest in the world and can lift 28000 kilogrammes (28 metric tonnes).

No road hold ups,delivered direct to site from the factory,same day service too:-)


Stop Press!

Farmers object to giant helicopters carrying loads to nearby windfarm frightening animals " my prize ewe lost twins" says Wyn Williams-Llewellyn.

Meanwhile local councillor is delayed for hospital appointment by aircraft spotters.


Good thinking , you have however ignored one big issue, the structures are rotor blades, basically wings, how do you think they're going to react at being flown through the air at 50mph other than to destabilise the aircraft? That's why they are conveyed by road/sea then placed into position by cranes and only when there is a limited wind speed.

I suppose then you'll be having every farmer in a 10 mile radius seeking compensation for frightening the horses as they fly by.


This has been done for many years, in UK and elsewhere. See for exmple:


Thank you for the back up trb :-)


I did not ignore the shape of the rotors Itsourjeffrey,they would of course be carried as is done in parts of the world that do use helicopters precisely for this task., longitudinally not laterally :-)


This from an RAF Chinook pilot.

Different load configurations mean different flight characteristics for the pilots. When loads are attached via just one hook on the underbelly of the aircraft, the loads can become unstable at higher airspeeds, causing it to spin on its vertical axis, causing an uncomfortable swinging motion. On top of this, equipment such as aircraft and boats can even generate their own lift, making them particular unstable in flight.

Other data suggests flying in excess of 60knots with an under-slung load makes helicopters unstable, I'm sure someone at Shawbury can advise!

Considering the likely hire cost of a Mil26 is circa £10,000 per hour and the blades are made in Hull, if they're Seimens, that's 2hrs there, 1hr back , £90k per turbine in addition to transport costs flying it in from Russia.

Can you honestly see them paying that? Even if they went via sea through Deeside (as per Airbus components) you're probably talking £45k per turbine.


It must have been hard to write this piece with a straight face. It's absurd.

For starters, wind turbines must represent a tiny fraction of heavy road freight on our roads compared to all the agricultural, quarry and factory equipment transported in far greater quantity. Additionally the decrease in air pollution that renewable energy facilitates usually leads to support from medical organisations.

As with topics like evolution and global warming in the USA, the blind hatred that some have developed towards the idea of renewable energy just gets more and more bizarre as they continue to disconnect further and further from reality.


Reading her aversion to traffic delays, perhaps she would prefer if tourists would stay away from the area putting the pounds into the traders pockets?

Having often travelled to the area I find it is they who gridlock the area and cause delays.

She only has to say and I'll happily drive an extra couple of miles to fill up with my fuel or groceries elsewhere en route to the coast. I may even not bother to buy my 4th car from a certain local dealership, I wonder how they'll feel about me spending my £30,000 elsewhere?


Tourist traffic is one cause; farm vehicles are another. Then there is Welshpool: who designed the current routes around the town? Fact is, there have been hold ups before wind farms and there will be holdups after them.


I suppose the truly frightening thing in all of this is that people voted for her.

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