Fresh fight starts to save historic Clun Bridge

Calls have been renewed for something to be done about huge articulated lorries crossing an historic bridge after it was damaged yet again.

Clun Bridge

The stonework of Clun Bridge, which takes the A488 over the River Clun at the heart of the small Shropshire town, has been struck once more, the latest in a long line of accidents at the bridge over the years.

The people of Clun will soon be consulted on further steps to manage traffic across the bridge and through the narrow streets, it has been revealed – but the options are limited, Nigel Hartin, Shropshire councillor for Clun, has said.

Resident Simon Jervis, who lives near the bridge, said the latest accident happened at about 9.15am on Tuesday.

He said: “This time the driver said fair enough, he put up his hands and gave his details, but that’s extremely rare.”

He said the repairs cost Shropshire Council thousands every year.

“It’s hit pretty much two or three times a year, and clipped almost daily. It’s just never-ending really.

“It’s such a shame because it’s such a lovely bridge.

“There are now four or five of us monitoring the traffic either side of the bridge,” he said. Mr Jervis runs a facebook group called ‘Stop articulated lorries using Clun Bridge’.

He said: “I’m not objecting to lorries going over the bridge, it’s articulated lorries that shouldn’t be there.

“You get lorries designed for the continental autobahn coming through a tiny town like Clun.

“What we really need is to make sure every lorry has got a sat nav that has weight and length information on it, by law,” he said.

He said a telegraph pole near him on Bridge Street had been hit four times in the past three years by lorries and fully replaced twice.

It was re-sited back from the kerb just last week having been hit yet again.

Councillor Hartin said: “The bridge has been hit many, many times, but it seems to be getting worse, as it happens.”

He said there had been some progress on the matter as CCTV had now been installed.

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Comments for: "Fresh fight starts to save historic Clun Bridge"


What is the issue here? The bridge has clearly outlived it's utility and no longer complies with current requirements. There are over 100 such bridges in the county. We can't afford to replace them all so we repair them as they get damaged.

It is undesirable but unaffordable to correct. Yes we could put data into sat nav systems but in the rural areas there is often no good alternate route. We are where we are. Will the residents of Clun be prepared to pay extra for deliveries because the lorries are allowed to use the bridge.

I sympathise with the residents but there is no affordable solution. If we leave the EU we could restrict lorry weights but would they? Unlikely I would have thought. So the probable final outcome is that we go on repairing it until it is beyond repair when it might or might not be replaced dependant on finance being available. If the Tories are still into austerity I think probaly not. Austerity is permanent in the Tory mind set and because it does not work so can never achieve it's objectives. It kills growth so our debt ration can never be reduced as long as we are borrowning and we will never have enough revenue to cover the expenditure if they give away tax cuts.

The Tory policy is economic stagnation so Clun bridge will last as long as will and then possibly be replaced with a foot bridge.

I see no future after regional devolution because that is slowing down even the most urgent projects like the NWRR so Clun Bridge has no chance of getting anything.

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