Video - Train worker's Telford 'gipsies and pickpockets' announcement

This is the moment that astonished passengers as a train pulled into Telford – an announcement warning people to beware of pickpockets and gipsies.

The phone video footage was sent to us by Shropshire Star reader and Wolves fan Chris Downes from Bayston Hill, whose son Jack, 14, took it on the train.

London Midland are investigating the comment, which was made on a train packed full of Wolves and Shrewsbury Town football fans.

As the train prepared to stop at Telford Central Station, the announcer warned passengers: “Telford Central – please be aware of gipsies and pickpockets”.

The announcement was met by loud cheers from Shrewsbury fans on board the train but it offended people preparing to disembark the train at their home town station.

The Gipsy Council has called for the matter to be taken up with the police.

Bill Kerswell, a spokesman for the council, said: “This is unlawful, it is a racist comment. It is the same as using any offensive word relating to homosexuals or people of colour."

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Comments for: "Video - Train worker's Telford 'gipsies and pickpockets' announcement"

twisting my melon

Bored now , could the Shropshire Star please stop trying to promote Prejudice and hatred amongst its readers because i will stop buying it .


Totally un-newsworthy, oh so stereotypical SS


100% behind you only difference is i stopped buying it years ago.


It is funny though.... makes a change from all the bad news there is!


Depends on your intelligence and perspective LeeH.

It does make you question the standards of the Shropshire Star.


The Shropshire Star prints important news and occasionally they do print humorous news as their target audience is unpredictable (surely). So they need to make sure the paper/website appeals to all ages/gender, and as a 22 year old I do like reading the important news but sometimes it is good to see the humorous ones!


Twisting my melon.. Shropshire Star are not really trying to promote prejudice and hatred, what they are actually trying to do is get as many people commenting (as I am now) and clicks and hits and so on through their website, because they dont make money on selling papers anymore, they make money by sponsors and adverts on their website.

Hence the load of rubbish we have to put up with these days whilst trying to find a worthwhile story to read.


Humour is not making derogatory comments about groups of people LeeH.

I would expect at least one person working at the Shropshire Star to be older than 22 yrs


" is the same as using any offensive word relating to homosexuals or people of colour". If I called any of my black friends 'people of colour', they'd (rightly) hit me. How can you speak out about political incorrectness and then use a term like that? What a stupid man


funny, who really gives a damn, its only politically correct people that make a big issue of this. Get a life.

Rob, Telford

Isn't anyone going to stick up for the hardworking pickpockets who were so cruelly slandered by the train guard's announcement?

We all know that it is only a tiny minority of the travelling community who bring the rest into disrepute - perhaps the same applies to pickpockets.

I'm sure a spokesperson from the Pickpocket Council will be along in a minute to give their side of the story (once they've finished filling in the application for Home Office funding).


I think its OUTRAGEOUS I'm going to live in a democracy that listens to the people; I'm off to the Crimea !!!

"Look 'round, the Frenchman loves its blaze,

The sturdy German chants its praise,

In Moscow's vaults its hymns are sung

Chicago swells the surging throng.

Then raise the scarlet standard high.

Within its shade we'll live and die,

Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,

We'll keep the red flag flying here."

BLA BLAH BLAH...........................................................................................Bless

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