Crop circle appears in field near M54

A crop circle has appeared in a wheat field near the M54 in Shropshire.

The crop circle in the wheat field near junction seven of the M54 which has sparked a flurry of calls to the Shropshire Star
The crop circle in the wheat field near junction seven of the M54 which has sparked a flurry of calls to the Shropshire Star

Motorists spotted the pattern on land near junction seven west bound, sparking a flurry of calls to the Shropshire Star.

Crop circles have long split opinion, with some claiming they are the work of aliens, while others claim they are the work of pranksters.

But local UFO researchers do not believe the Shropshire circle is a cryptic message from outer space.

Darren Perks, a UFO investigative researcher from Shropshire, said he was tipped off last week that the stunt was due to happen.

Mr Perks said: “I got an e-mail tip off last week from someone called ‘Stuart’ on July 25 that a crop circle would appear over the weekend. He claimed to be responsible for hoaxes in Wiltshire and wanted to try one near Wrekin hill.”

The hoaxer explained in the e-mail that he would use a ‘basic’ technique and make the circles overnight and asked Mr Perks if he wanted to film it. Mr Perks said no because he disagreed with what they were doing.

He said: “I disagree with hoaxing crop circles as it is of no benefit to anyone. It’s the farmer I feel sorry for because of the loss. The crop is damaged and he ultimately loses money.”

Ryan Humphreys, from Shrewsbury, said: “I noticed the crop circle while travelling back to Birmingham. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one. I thought it was a great feature to an otherwise boring stretch of road.

“The theories about aliens creating them, to me, are nonsensical and I’m a firm believer that they’re works of art imagined by creative people.

“However, if I was a farmer and someone damaged my crops, I wouldn’t be happy. I guess there’s a debate about the fine line between art and vandalism.”

Lee Perry, media adviser for the National Farmers’ Union said: “Creating crop circles on farmland is unfair and irresponsible – crop circlers always seem to forget that they are damaging someone’s property.”

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Comments for: "Crop circle appears in field near M54"


Need an aerial shot...have a whip round and get the chopper up there SS


Well that would be really worth while! and a great use of the money... take a picture of something you can find by typing in "crop circle" into google! ;)


I suspect bored drivers sat in the M54 queues :-)


Perhaps the hoaxer needs to get themselves a job to occupy their time rather than staying up late vandalising somebody's property

Maybe they do have a job


you do realise, people get paid for doing it!

Jamie T

Feel sorry for the farmer here, but nice to hear a UFO researcher actually disagree for a change and I totally agree with what he says.. Normally they all say its aliens with special powers and its a sign that 'they are watching us' etc etc.

Colin Dodd.

A few years ago, these stories were mildly amusing. Very old hat now though, too many people with not enough to do.

rob harris

media encourages these silly b's by giving them the publicity they crave


Hmmmmmm... Funny that someone claims to have knowledge of "students" claiming rights to this visitation... Where's the evidence Mr P? Prove its fake! Or prove it is a stunt... Random place if you ask me, besides everyone was happy to except that one at wrekin last year as genuine, what's different about this one?


Are you being serious?

Because if you are, you need help.

Frankly the Star should stop giving so much attention to this rubbish - perhaps then the criminal damage to private property will stop.


'everyone was happy to except (sic) that one at wrekin last year as genuine'

Really? Where's your evidence for that statement?!

Andrew finch

Possibly some poor woman lost while on route for a day out shopping.


Rather sexist Mr Finch and the term is en route XXX


I seem to recall that the last one of these led to 'UFO researchers' stating that it was directly in line with an astronomical alignment, and that if it had been man-made the hoaxers wouldn't have been able to measure it accurately enough to create it.

Which does rather beg the question, 'If that's the case, how could the UFOlogists have measured it accurately enough to determine categorically that it was so aligned?'

You tell me the logic...


There is no logic. That was shown very conclusively on the thread you're talking about!


The radius of the Wrekin circle could be measured by anyone who had a 30m tape. You can measure it for yourself on Google Maps.


You can buy architectural lasers and gps gadgets online easily, so they probably have those or at least something similar. Crop circles are a bit boring and yes old hat I must agree on that one

Shrews Folk

I actually saw this, this morning not something you see all the time.

Why do people go out of their way to do such things, and yes agree they probably should be out there doing a real job!

Although they have got what they wanted.....publicity. I actually passed this last week driving home and saw a guy on his own dressed in a Scottish outfit including a kilt, so to see this in the same area is slightly strange but defiantly human doings


Mr Perks is a very knowledgeable chap, and his experiences far outweigh many others in this particular field.

Whether it is paranormal or not, these crop circles take great skill, which could clearly be put to better use elsewhere.

Personally i would recommend a trail camera trap on crops tipped off for this to happen and covertly catch the perps in action.


I hope Mr Perks has forwarded the e-mail to police for criminal damages investigation.


There have been hoaxers over the years - Doug & Dave, Team Satan, etc. - but there are plenty of ways in which researchers have been able to distinguish between their creations and genuine circles or patterns. There's a good quality documentary that you can watch for free on YouTube called "Crop Circles - Crossover From Another Dimension" ( New Paradigm Films, 2006)

If the number of patterns are growing less then there could be all kinds of reasons (other than hoaxers giving up). So many patterns have been created that there's years of research still to do, so maybe it's a pause.

Or maybe they're just waiting for us to reply.


I think the phrase 'Crossover from another Dimension' tells us that it probably isn't a very good quality documentary...


If you're going to judge something based only on its title then fine, it's not for you. Stick to what you feel comfortable with and don't look beyond, but the frontiers of science are becoming quite weird. The trouble is, most people aren't scientists and we can't grasp Einstein's spacetime continuum let alone the latest advances in String Theory and Quantum Entanglement.


Well I thought it was delightful!


Best to keep your eyes on the m54,there have been many fatalities on that road.

As for crop circles it is damage to someones property.


My friend and I were in that very field, looking over at the crops from roughly 2:30am - 5:30am and we didnt see a soul. Not one person. We were there from darkness to daylight and the only odd thing we saw was what appeared to be the sunrise (red and pink lights) but it wasnt until we turned around and noticed the actual sunrise we were confused but we didnt think much of it, nor the strange flashing lights on the motorway.

Upon hearing this news we were very confused, seeing as we were on the field during the supossed time of the incident.

Just thought I'd share with you all what we saw (or didnt).


You wouldn't be the two people who have been hiding out in the old shooting range huts then that the local farmers have been keeping an eye on?

Which now begs the questions Will, why would you and a friend be in the fields that time of night?

Bird watching at 0230 is not an answer, so don't try that one ;-)



The local sheep on the field were acting rather oddly, more odd than usual.

We visit the field reguarly and we've never heard the sheep sound like that before. Probably nothing but perhaps something worth of note.

If it was a prank, it was done cleverly. Very cleverly. As previously mentioned, we witnessed nothing.

We heard a car, speeding up the lane, only to abruptly turn around and speed back down again but we've no idea how relevent that is.



First time I have ever heard of sheep in a wheat field.....


This is clearly a fake circle and the comments from Will make me think he might be telling porkies....

The UFO guy works for the MoD anyhow so I suspect he knows about about them and has access to alot of info. The whole crop circle thing is rubbish. Bit of wood bit of wood and there you go. That said its now old news, I mean look what happens in Wiltshire they get this happening all the time. Move in people it's just a wheat field with a few broken wheat stems.


Open your eyes, hearts and minds people and don't be afraid of truth. We have all entered into the universal dimension and this is just the language of that "place".


Lol, is this a joke?

This is not the language of anything. It's just people having a laugh; and the reason it's funny? Because of all the idiots who go round thinking crop circles are made by aliens or whatever ridiculous, unfounded "if I can imagine it, it must be real" theories dreamt up by people who shouldn't be allowed access to a keyboard or sharp objects.


Shropshire appears to be a UFO hot spot and the dedicated

local UFO investigator is 'on the ball' again to have inside

knowledge of the ongoings of the worldwide UFO subject.

There is something lacking in British mentality to desire to

'shoot the messenger'. Darren Perks Ufologist, is out there

investigating UFO evidence and he may soon find the best

evidence to prove ET Life visiting this Planet Earth.

Instead of deriding the UFO subject at will, we should support

the research of a hard working UFO investigator with his UFO night

vision expertise and who knows? The UFO phenomena may become

a recognised fringe science and we may celebrate his UFO work forever.

Good luck and clear skies for your research Darren for the rest of 2013.