Missing keys hunt unearths treasure trove find

When farmer Ifor Edwards dropped his keys in a field he had no idea the search to find them would result in the discovery of buried treasure.

Ifor Edwards on his land near Whitchurch
Ifor Edwards on his land near Whitchurch

Mr Edwards, 56 and his wife Anna, 40, called in enthusiasts from Wrexham Heritage Society when he lost his keys on land at Oak Farm in Bronington, near Whitchurch.

But as well as finding his keys – which had gone through a lawn mower – the team armed with metal detectors also found 14 mediaeval coins dated from the 14th and 15th centuries.

At an inquest in Ruthin the North East Wales Coroner John Gittins declared the coins – from the reigns of Edward III, Henry V and Henry VI – as treasure.

One of the coins found during the hunt for keys
One of the coins found during the hunt for keys

Mr Edwards said: “It is a once in a lifetime thing.

“It is such a shock, you just can’t quite believe it.

“You realise those coins were there before they ever found America or anything.

“You just can’t believe you’re holding something that is 600 and something years old.

“We only bought the land three years ago and nothing like this has ever been found before.”

He said he was “hoping for an unexpected windfall” but does not know how much the coins are worth.

They were found to contain about 90 per cent silver and the most recent of them was relatively unworn.

It is thought Wrexham County Borough Museum is interested in acquiring the coins which, because of their age and metal content, should be classed as treasure trove.

Any proceeds will be split between Mr Edwards and Cliff Massey, 83, the metal detecting enthusiast who made the find.

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Comments for: "Missing keys hunt unearths treasure trove find"


Please send me one of those coins, please PLEASE! I do love you, you know.

Dioskori Mtalo

Whhhhhhat....a deal..! Wish I could grab those money-blessed coins to pay my school fees....1

Imad Tabara

Baby are you down, down, down, down, down.

Even if the sky is falling down.

No need to worry.

I got those coins from overseas,

Now I can't let them overdeep

Here's my miss Metal Detector

& I can't let her oversearch


Awesome.....it's like time travel.


god is good huh? blessed you!!! i believe god is everywhere! whatever we need he provides

angela R.

There is a reason that god put u in that place at that time. God bless you!

Gordon A Baker

In an age where old and venerable buildings here are being torn down in the name of progress and CONDO's here in Toronto. it is great to know something of the past is treasured and preserved. The reward is a bonus; the treasure is a blessing.

Good Luck


Cool find!!

Best part of the article is that he is 56 and Anna is 40. Why even note it. LOL


Someone probably dropped them half a millienium ago in a brarl and they sat there undiscovered for ages....way to go guy


Truly an amazing story...all I i find when I loose my keys is a headache! lol


Donate them to charity for homeless kids who don't get one square meal a day please!

Ingrid of USA

Congratulations!! You Sir should just enjoy your find,and do with it as YOU wish! Don't let anyone tell you hat you should do with them. Afterall it is Your find not theirs!Once again Congrats to you!

Mary Powers, USA

What a wonderful find! I have a metal detector. Hope to go to a Shropshire reunion in Ridgeway, Virginia, USA the 24th of August and may be able to take my metal detector to do some searching on my grandfather's old home place.

joe murrell

hey, those are my coins! i dropped them when that farmer's dog was chasing me across the field. it was all the money i had on me. really. last year i also misplaced a hoard of anglo-saxon coins while hitch-hiking through Wiltshire.

anne usa

I'm just glad they are able to keep the coins and/or the proceeds. I thought they had to be turned over to the government.