Shrewsbury music shop defiant over sign threat

The owners of a former independent music shop in Shropshire have taken down the majority of a window sign left as a parting shot to Shropshire Council when the business closed.

The Music Central shop in Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, where three words have been left in the window from the owner’s parting shot
The Music Central shop in Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, where three words have been left in the window from the owner’s parting shot

Officials from the County Music Supplies shop in Wyle Cop, have removed most of the sign after being informed that the council was planning to enforce the removal of the words.

But while most of the original message has gone, some words still remain in place.

The original message, which was put up last month after the shop was closed, blamed high business rates, town centre parking charges and ‘over-zealous’ traffic wardens for the decision to close.

“Due to increasing costs, high rates, and the morons who make Shrewsbury’s parking policies and the wardens that enforce them making our customers lives a misery, we have decided to withdraw our business from the high street,” the sign read at the time.

But while most of the original message has gone, the words ‘morons’, ‘wardens’ and ‘misery’ still remain in place.

A spokesman for the shop said today: “We have been notified this morning the council is sending a team to enforce the removal of the window sign.”

No one was available from Shropshire Council to comment today.

But a spokesman previously said the council did everything it could to encourage people to shop in the town centre.

At the time Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones said: “We have worked very hard to encourage people to shop in Shrewsbury town centre.”

It is the latest store to depart the town centre following on from the music shop is TK Maxx.

The high street chain store moved out of its two-floor shop in the Darwin Shopping Centre and has now relocated to a bigger store on the Meole Brace Retail Park last week.

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Comments for: "Shrewsbury music shop defiant over sign threat"


The council is working 'hard to encourage people to shop in Shrewsbury town centre' ..... by charging ridiculous parking rates on a Sunday? The town is dead on a Sunday and why would people want to come into shop when they don't get any benefit from the extra shopping day. A joke.


You really are not helping yourself, I certainly wouldn't shop there if still open knowing the attidude, regardless of who is right and who is wrong.

Dont get anywhere with insults.

David Griffiths

According to the statement by the completely out-of-touch with reality Councillor Simon Jones "We have worked very hard to encourage people to shop in Shrewsbury town centre" it is patently clear that he and his fellow misguided Councillors are doing exactly the opposite. On top of exorbitant parking charges Monday to Saturday, the final nail in the shopping and tourist coffin is the recent signs announcing parking charges on Sundays.

How can Simon Jones possibly make such illogical and completely wrong statements like this? - Unfortunately, individuals like him have clearly forgotten that they were elected to serve the people of Shrewsbury, not to drive business from the town. Clearly he wants a Shrewsbury devoid of shops, stores and income - he's doing well - soon there won't be any income from any retail businesses in the town.


Is councillor Simon Jones on Twitter?

nothings free

Oh dear dear, sending an enforcment team to ban freedom of speach BRAVO GUYS!! one had better hope all independent shops in shrewsbury do not choose to put similar signs in their windows , talk about fanning a fire .Sticks and stones and all that . Saying all that it cant be nice walking around town with people going nudge , nudge their is one of those morons.


It's not just Shrewsbury, worldwide shops like this are going out of business with the changing times, people want more value for cheaper than small shops can provide. It's very sad, but I really don't like the way the shop owner is so vocally blaming everyone else.

For starters, with parking, what's the solution? He's on the narrow, already congested high street. Cars stopping outside his shop must block traffic all the way down Wyle Cop! What's the solution?


Go shop it Wellington the place is great good market and the parking is free

Let them eat cake

Why is it Councils are so out of touch and why use the public purse to enforce situations that could easily be avoided :(


Trafford Centre, Manchester is free parking all day.

Every day.

For thousands of cars..

Lots of shops.

Lots of eating places.



This is true but it's roughly a 150 mile round trip from Shrewsbury so, assuming 35MPG and £6 per gallon, it'll cost you over £24 to get there and enjoy the free parking. Not to mention 2.5-3 hours of travelling time.

I'll acknowledge that the range of shops and restaurants/cafes is better though.

Young-ish Person

And it costs how much to park in Shrewsbury all day again? £6-8?

Doesn't seem like that much difference after all


Councils are obviously happy that they will eventually get less and less income through business rates as they fold over time and less income from parking as fewer people decide to visit town centres because there is nothing to attract them there. The reason they are happy is because they will just recoup their losses from other sources principally the Council Tax payer. I mean, those Diversity and Equality Five-a-Day Community Outreach Support Tzars don't pay for themselves.


To be fair, both Telford Town Centre and Wrexham also charge for parking on Sunday. It's £6 in Eagle's Meadow. However, both places seem much busier than Shrewsbury so it can't just be the parking that is the problem.

Robin Hood

I'd hazard a guess that the Councils in Telford and Wrexham are more creative than Shropshire Council and have policies in place to help businesses in tough economic times and make sure their shopping centres cater for local residents from all income-brackets as well as visitors.

I'm also assuming that they are not hell-bent on driving out the cheaper shops (Riverside).

Here in Shrewsbury, those in power have lost site of the fact that it is ordinary people with ordinary amounts of money that make up a significant proportion of shoppers and it is us that puts a lot of money into the economy if suitable shops were available in town.

Many of us can't afford to buy our bread from the Shrewsbury Bakehouse, our cornflakes from Marks and Spencers, soap from L'Occitane or our paper and envelopes from Paperchase. We need to be able to come into town to get ordinary stuff at ordinary prices with a transport system that allows us to do it (good buses, reasonable parking charges).

As we are finding out in Shrewsbury, if you drive out ordinary people, the town starts to die.


I Doubt you will get in those places probably full of councillors and mps


What an absolute shambles Shrewsbury has become.

From the joke that is the roadworks by the railway station bridge to the expensive parking in town and the million pound mistake standing opposite the theater and its discolored wooden cladding.

Some council staff in suits sat behind desks must be really proud, You should hang your heads in shame....

The Town center will eventually die as more and more people shop on the outskirts or better still on-line.


There is an upside to all this: WE ARE HAVING A NEW SHOPPING CENTER TO HOUSE DEBENHAMS !!!!! Thank heaven for a forward thinking council getting a big name store in to make up the short fall in council tax that results from all the empty shops.. I also understand the council are looking at filling in the river to save on bridge repairs...


This Council is a total & utter joke, killing the town centre, cow towing to all out of town supermarkets, next election sack the lot, oh & will the last person to leave the town centre switch off the lights.....

Michael W

Parking charges have stopped me visiting Telford's privately owned, so called, town centre, or Shrewsbury to shop.

That's been to Wellington's benefit so keep the charges in place,even raise them and keep Wellington alive<Thank you one and all :-)in truth


Under which legislation will they use to enforce this?!


Well the young spaniel of ours, out of spite because we dared to go out without her and the Labrador, chewed the mat in the kitchen. The next day being a Thursday we decided to go to Wellington market to purchase another one. Strait into the car park great free parking. Well when we went to the market is was dead, more stall holders than customers, After we purchased a new mat decided to have a look up in the town, it was like walking thru a cemetery, hardly anybody about. And yet a few years back it was thriving. What has gone wrong?

Wreak Inn

What has gone wrong? The fact that people like yourself only go there every few years. Where have you been doing your shopping? Probably in the big, out of town, supermarkets like everyone else.

Port Hill Boy

What a sad shop owner. Resorting to name calling.

Utterly pathetic.

Tim Fletcher

Says the boy now calling the shop owner 'sad'!

Some people will not learn!