Hundreds queue for cardboard recycling in Shrewsbury

Nearly 1,000 people recycled their cardboard in Shrewsbury through a new charity recycling scheme, launched following a controversial decision to scrap kerbside collection.

Nearly 1,000 people recycled their cardboard in Shrewsbury through a new charity recycling scheme, launched following a controversial decision to scrap kerbside collection.

Organisers said at least five tonnes of cardboard was taken from the town to a recycling plant in Oswestry after being dropped off at collection points in Shrewsbury on Saturday as part of the scheme.

The Cardboard Christmas Group was set up following the axing of council-run kerbside collections across Shropshire in November.

Dozens of volunteers took to the streets on Saturday to collect unwanted cardboard and transport it to Oswestry Waste Paper

The scheme was co-ordinated by Alison Thomas and Katy Anderson, members of environmental group Transition Town Shrewsbury.

On Saturday the group ran three cardboard ‘cafes’ in Shrewsbury between 9am to 2pm at the Red Barn Pub, in Longden Road, the United Reformed Church in Coleham Head and the Riversway Elim Church in Lancaster Road.

Organisers said they were amazed at the response which saw them transport a large amount of cardboard to Oswestry, with the group getting paid for what it recycled and the proceeds being split between Hope House and Severn Hospice. It is not yet known how much cash has been raised for charity.

Ms Anderson said: “We had around 1,000 people through. We couldn’t believe the response – it shows the level of need for more collection points.

“We have heard from elderly people who do not have cars and have been forced to put cardboard in bins for landfill – but they didn’t want to.”

About 30 volunteers came forward to help run the scheme and a variety of local groups lent vans to transport the cardboard.

Ms Anderson said four truck loads of cardboard had already been taken to Oswestry, with another planned for today.

By Catherine Ferris

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Comments for: "Hundreds queue for cardboard recycling in Shrewsbury"


Must be Bonkers......


Perhaps they're just more responsible than you are, and actually care about the resources they use.


Or have nothing better to do than stand in a line all day . Would be Better off not buying items with so much packaging don't you think??


Off subject I know, but, I have no idea who "The Lord" is, but he is clearly a WUM. I would say he sits by his computer all day, and the highlight of his day is getting a response to one of his inane remarks.

Has he ever been to a shop and bought a microwave, computer, pair of shoes etc. etc?

They all come with packaging. I don't know what the reaction would be were our dear Lord to ask for the packaging to be removed before he took delivery.

He could of course buy a dictionary, to eliminate his numerous spelling errors, and a book on basic English grammar, where he may get some tips on punctuation, and the correct use of capital letters.


How disrespectful! You may think we're 'Bonkers' for taking 10 minutes out of our time to take cardboard to a recycling point, but I wonder if you'll still be of that opinion when one of your relatives end up in a Hospice and need the valuable care that is provided. They do such an incredible job at the Hospice and shame on you for mocking those of us who are prepared to help.


I prefer to give cash straight to charity and i do , no middle man thank you.


Oh what a saint....and a lord. Crikey he is busy!!

Chalky White are H St.John Peasbody...and I claim my £5


i thought it was a fab idea as my normal bin is always too full to put cardboard in, i would of used this service if my husband hadnt already burnt ours.

i refuse to take it to the landfil site as it other the other side of town to me. i dont understand why shropshire council didnt come up with a new plan themselves as to collecting cardboard now we have been stopped from putting it in the green bin. since this has stopped i dont see one green bin out on recycle collection day because who gardens in winter?? dont no why they dont stop the refuse lorry comin round til it warms up a bit and people will do garding because it seems silly to me on the waste of diesel the lorry uses plus the wages of the three people sat in it doing nothin all day.


you assume that shropshire council understand basic economics and care about our money? Wrong, if its creating jobs for the boys they will be happy, having 3 men and a truck doing sweet FA all day is business as usual for this council!

Nice to see people using good grammer......


It would be even nicer if some people could actually spell GRAMMAR.



And spelling correctly...

Katherine de Gama

But bemused, you can't spell it.


nice work, i would be keen to know how much have they raised ?

Christine B

proves that veolia dont know their backside from their elbow


Veolia are a business first and service second. You would be amazed at what they charge businesses for taking away waste. Grey sacks(general rubbish), glass & cardboard is all charged for in addition to business rates.

Huw Peach

I was one of the many volunteers at the Cardboard Christmas collection point at the Red Barn Pub on Saturday.

The whole event (all 3 collections points + marketing + press + co-ordinating volunteers + truck for compressing cardboard) was brilliantly organised by Ali Thomas and Katy Anderson from Transition Town Shrewsbury.

And the response from Shrewsbury people was incredible.

From the moment I arrived just before 9 until after 2 when I left there was a steady flow of people arriving to donate the proceeds of their cardboard to Hope House and the Hospice.

The cross-section of the community was interesting; lots of people who had heard Eric Smith talking to Ali on Radio Shropshire on Saturday morning or had read about it in the Shrewsbury Chronicle or the Shropshire Star; lots of people who had heard about it through the Catholic cathedral, the United Reform Church, St Giles Church or other local churches; people connected to the Hospice; people who had heard about it from Facebook or Twitter; many came because their streets had been leafleted; Meole Brace School, Radbrook Primary, Woodfield School and Shrewsbury School were all well-represented after e-mail reminders; people from the 'University of the Third Age' were also well-represented and clearly have some very effective social networkers; finally there were many people who heard about it by word of mouth from their neighbours, mother-in-law or simply saw that they could recycle cardboard by driving past.

The overriding response was:

'Thank you to Cardboard Christmas for doing something'

'Will you do this again?'

'We like recycling and don't want to stop'

'It's crazy to throw this away'

'I want my taxes to go to cardboard collection, not landfill taxes'

Thanks to everyone who came and especially Katy and Ali for their amazing organisational skills!!!

If -like the elderly people Katy mentions in the article- you want the Council to recycle cardboard FROM THE KERBSIDE, please sign Patrick Cosgrove's excellent petition on the Shropshire Council website, which remains open until January 31st:

If another 500 people sign it, it will force the councillors to defend this retrogade step for recycling in our county for a second time.

Interestingly on Saturday lots of people told me they would like to sign this petition, but do not have a computer.

It would be really interesting to hear how councillors explain why Shropshire Council is unable to collect cardboard when Telford and most other authorities around the country can.

Please spread the word.


Mind made up , they will not change what has been decided, in fact they would possibly encourage you lot to carry on doing it for free.

Huw Peach

What about the elderly people (Katy mentioned) who want to recycle, but don't have a car, THE LORD?

Is it fair to insist that these council tax-payers with mobility problems should be deprived of their service, when most other councils across the country have ensured that kerbside collections of cardboard continue without any interruption whatsoever?

eg Staffordshire Moorlands Council, which moved SEAMLESSLY from collecting cardboard for composting to collecting cardboard for recycling on the 12th December ( )

Simon E

Disappointing. Nothing gets fixed with that attitude.

By contrast, it is so cheering to see a community working together to do something positive. Well done to everyone who volunteered as well as all the donors who made an effort.

If a handful of people can make this happen why can't the council and multinational corporation Veolia sort it out?

Yes, we know there is an issue with certain coatings and the new PAS100 composting standard, but it is certainly not an excuse to stop collections.

Councillors would do well to consider how many of those 1,000 people, plus all those who have had to dispose of their cardboard elsewhere, will think before they vote at the next election.

John Howard

It's just the same at the Council Recycling centre. Queue often stretches all the way back to the roundabout. Last time I went the cardboard bunker was full right up to the parapet. It just shows that people are desperate to get this stuff recycled rather than just put it into landfill but the Council and Veolia will just not play ball. Disgraceful!!


To anyone moaning about taking their cardboard to the other side of town:

How about taking it to the recycling bank at Sainsburys?


Bring it to my place i will burn it £5 a go.

Gareth Griffiths

Good call Pete, I took all my cardboard to the recycling bank at Morrisons on Sunday.

Curiously, Tesco don't have cardboard recycling facilities.

The queues stretching out of the Battlefield recycling centre are crazy, made worse by their idiotic policy of not allowing people to walk in with their recycling in hand.


Tesco used to have a cardboard recycling facility as part of their recycling centre when they first opened their store at Battlefield. They had to stop doing it and sealed it all up as some mindless idiots with nothing better to do kept going down there setting fire to it.

Grim Reaper

Commendable as the Shrewsbury cardboard re-cycling scheme is, those running it are in fact simply doing part of Shropshire Council's job of waste collection for them. All of us pay for waste collection through our Council Tax.

If the Council now can't or won't continue recycling cardboard, then sobeit. Ours now goes into the black bin along with the rest of our rubbish. I've better things to do with my time, and also with my petrol, than running down to the Council's skips with a load of festering cardboard in the back of my car. After all, think of all the pollution those extra journeys will cause.

However laudable is the whole idea of recycling, the commitment of Shropshire Council to the concept(and before it that of the Distruct and County Councils) has always been lukewarm - unless they could obtain money from central government to fund initiatives (such as the bio digester in Ludlow which is now mothballed because there is now no longer any funding for its operation).

We have been expected to bag up vegetable waste, sort out items for recycling, wash out bottles and jars (has no one heard of water meters) remove lids and so forth. If recycling is to work, then it needs to be made both convenient and easy. As it is, it isn't, so, selfish or not, we now no longer bother. As far as we are concerned, all of it can now either be burnt or buried.

Huw Peach

Those running the Shrewsbury cardboard recycling scheme want the council to do their job and collect and recycle our cardboard, Mr Reaper.

Last Saturday on Radio Shropshire Ali Thomas, one of the organisers of this inspiring initiative, told Eric Smith of her regret that Cardboard Christmas could not pick up cardboard from the kerbside of the many people (particularly elderly people) who had contacted her since the start of the initiative.

These people want to recycle, and regard throwing it in the black bin as crazy, but are prevented from recycling the bulkiest part of their waste by our council.

She made it clear that Cardboard Christmas was a stop-gap and that sending our waste to landfill makes no economic or environmental sense.

Do you think building a multi-million, PFI-funded incinerator is a sensible use of taxpayers' money, when finances are tight and Shrewsbury people have clearly embraced the recycling habit with gusto?


looks like it was really well done

So why cant veolia organise something like this every week? they are meant to be experts they look like amateurs to me.

Get your finger out veolia and pick up my cardboard, i have paid enough for it