A song for Stiperstones Primary School

Youngsters at the closure-threatened Stiperstones Primary School have recorded a song in a bid to help save it from the axe.

Youngsters at the closure-threatened Stiperstones Primary School have recorded a song in a bid to help save it from the axe.

Seamus O' Boyle, 12, a former pupil of the school near Shrewsbury, has created the song called Don't Go Stiperstones after hearing it was on a hit-list of nine schools set for the axe by Shropshire Council.

And the 29 children who attend the school have added their voice to the track in an attempt to appeal to decision makers and the whole of Shropshire to keep it open.

Headteacher Sue Cooke said it was hoped the song, which will be recorded as an MP3 file, will be played on the radio, with a video also set to be created to go on YouTube.

Ms Cooke said: "We recorded the music track and main vocals on Wednesday and the children are adding their bit to it today.

"We want to make people aware of the feeling in the village for keeping this school. We want people to think and say how innovative we are and how everyone feels strongly about the closure."

Ms Cooke said Seamus, who now attends Mary Webb School at Pontesbury, near Shrewsbury, wrote the song because he was so concerned about the plans to close it.

Parents launched a campaign group to fight plans to close the school this week.

About 50 teachers, parents and governors held a meeting at the school on Tuesday night when a battle plan was discussed.

Under proposals by Shropshire Council, eight primary schools are earmarked for closure in the summer of 2012 with the Wakeman secondary in Shrewsbury due to close in July 2013.

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Comments for: "A song for Stiperstones Primary School"

Maxine Hall

Well done Stiperstones Primary School. What an innovative way of publicising your situation.

Carol Evans

Well done Stiperstones School. The children had lots of fun singing the song.

Save our School it is the heart of our community.


WEll done Stiperstones School! Had a tear in my eye listening to it. Wouldnt have been possible without all the community pulling together to fight for this school! Hope it has the same effect on the influencial powers that be!

sal tonge

Such a powerful message told in song! Now Philip Dunne, tell us that small schools can't deliver quality education? - the children studied the lyrics in their guided reading sessions and have learned so much from this innovative development of the creative curriculum! Stiperstones school delivers brilliantly!


Well done folks 4 generations of my family have attended Stiperstones School including myself and my daughter who attends at the moment, we CAN NOT and WILL NOT let these people ruin our childrens futures.

Ray Jacobs

Well done Stiperstones school!

The school has supported my son like a loving extended family. The school truly has a big heart long may it carry on beating.


I would like everyone to listen to our song .

I had great fun singing with my school friends.

Vicki Sturrock

Wow, just listened to the clip and was reduced to tears. Stiperstones School is a great place. Stiperstones has always been a small school but has always offered an exceptional level of education. Both my children were lucky enough to go to the school, and are now doing really well at secondary school with above average key stage 3 results - thanks to an excellent start from Stiperstones. Please, please can the council listen to the voices of the community and save this school from closure. I really cannot stress enough just how important it is to all of us.

Philip Jones

The song is now finished and you can all view the completed video at