Shrewsbury Flax Mill plans approved

Long-awaited £30 million plans to transform Shrewsbury's historic Flax Mill into homes, offices and shops are to finally go ahead after the scheme was given approval.

Long-awaited £30 million plans to transform Shrewsbury's historic Flax Mill into homes, offices and shops are to finally go ahead after the scheme was given approval.

It means building work can proceed for the first time in the huge progra- mme to transform the 18th century Grade I lis- ted mill in Ditherington.

Plans have been in the pipeline for years for the redevelopment of the former maltings site, although the project has faced uncertainty because of the recession.

Shropshire Council's central planning committee gave the go-ahead yesterday to three separate applications for the redevelopment.

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Comments for: "Shrewsbury Flax Mill plans approved"


Deja vous anyone?


yeah i totally agree, work won't start for ages if it actually does. The council has only given the go ahead because they are hoping a big wealthy company is going to finance everything.

But have they actually forgot that people cannot afford to rent shops, buy homes and spend money is shops.

Bad decision made, and really the place should just be taken apart and moved somewhere else, are just knocked down.

No one in Shrewsbury is really bothered about the place anyway.

chris p

I live in Shrewsbury and I'm bothered about the place!


I totally agree, it needs to be moved to a history museum perhaps Iron Bridge or Blists Hill.

No-one with any commercial interest is going to bother with that place where it is. The town centre is struggling to attract attention at the best of times. The folk who reside in Ditherington are not going to be able to afford to use it and who in their right mind wants to travel out to the ghetto to visit an old flax mill, which was essentially a workhouse for the downtrodden and the impoverished. If industrial history were that interesting then this place would never have been left to rot like it has.


it is a world heritage site as in the castles in wales , it can not be moved , be proud of your history , it is an amazing building , go in on the next open day and c , i live in shrewsbury and i am very bothered about it too

twisting my melon

You joking about spending money in Ditherington shops surely, The place is crying out for a Cash converters, Ladbrokes, Sports World and an Elizabeth Duke discount jewellery warehouse.....Chavtastic..

jacqueline smith

Dear Daz,

What a ridiculous comment, to knock down a grade 1 listed building, and to say no one is interested anyway, is absolute twaddle.

This part of the town is desperate for regeneration, and has always been the poor relation to other areas.

If this work does transpire it will be wonderful for the town, and for tourism and can actually generate money.

Buildings are given graded listings to protect them and thank GOD with fools like you wanting to knock them down.

Regards Jackie


But Daz IS right though. Its the tax payer through council tax that we foot the bill for something that just wont work.

That area needs to be just left alone and just housing built around it. Ditherington is a residential area and always will be. No one is going to be able to afford to buy or rent a property in the so called new development.

Iron Flag

Let's hope the ugly soviet style boxes plastered with " learning and working" are dropped if this does get off the ground.

David Jones

Now they've just got to find the money.

I'm not going to hold my breath...


Daz you are so very wrong, there are a large number of people passionate about this historical treasure. I know it looks a mess right now, but it is going to be transformed into an amazing complex. I have toured inside during heritage open days and it is an incredible architectural feat.


There are plenty of local people bothered about this project. I would agree that it is not a good time for this and I too would be surprised if it goes ahead in the very near future but I really hope that it does as it has the potential to help improve that area of the town.

There is very little chance of the building being demolished, as the first iron framed building in the world it is listed because of its historic significance.

eva land

[Councillor Tudor Bebb, chairman, said they needed to make the most of the opportunity. He said: “We took a guided tour this week and it was a real eye-opener when you look back over the years and see what Shrewsbury has lost. Let’s not make the same mistake.”]

What does he actually mean by this statement?

Yes we have lost some interesting and even ancient buildings not because of WW11 but because of vested interests of previous councillors.

Do we have many new buildings of significance

to be proud of with the genuine older ones that have survived? Hardly any and most out of the town like new schools.

Do we have new buildings that are an embarrassment?

Yes, The Shopping centres, Guildhall, Theatre, Julian Friars, Ellesmere Road, Century House to name a few.

Is he referring to a better time in the rosy past when children as young as seven were employed?

I was really sad that Urban Splash gave up on this one and it is hard to see where all the sponsership is going to come from.Shrewsbury is hardly a mecca for culture and a giant home for the elderly would probably be more useful.


im delighted with this, stop being so cynical it will be wonderful - great news


Go over to America and look up at the Empire State Building, and think the technology to build that came from the Flax Mill in good old Shrewsbury, and be proud of the fact. Please leave it alone we have lost enough old buildings over the years.


We ll we could lose a few more 'old' people like you.

Wake up man! this is never going to happen and if it does will be a complete waste because no one will afford it.


we cant afford for it NOT to happen delvin, the social and economic cost of social failure is too high, we cannot let contaminated land sit idle and undeveloped as an eye sore, there is an opportunity cost too it could be making money as flats, pubs, shops etc

eva land

Go over to America and look up at the Empire State Building, and think the technology to build that came from the Flax Mill in good old Shrewsbury

It is not as straight forward as that JJ! Leaving it alone is the worst option.

It will be great to rubber stamp the building being repaired and re-used but will it ever happen?

The 32 million (from selling off council housing, remember) spent on the theatre, would have confidently ensured that this will actually progress.

As it is, it is difficult to see anyone taking it on so I will not be celebrating quite yet.

Daniel Radison

it was £50,000,000 not 32 mate so they could have built the theatre AND the flaxmill

Daniel Radison

awesome - it looks great - it will be awesome



Well done to all the visionary people who made this possible