Shrewsbury Ukip candidate Suzanne Evans defends ‘two and a third’ homes

Shrewsbury’s Ukip candidate has defended having “two and a third” homes, insisting that immigration had played a bigger role in the housing crisis.

Ukip's Suzanne Evans
Ukip's Suzanne Evans

Suzanne Evans, also the party’s deputy chairman and manifesto author, was asked at a press conference in Westminster how many properties she owns.

She replied: “I have two and a third homes. I have a flat in London, I have a flat in Shrewsbury and I have a share in a house that myself and my family bought for my daughter who is at university.

“I was deeply concerned about the huge amount of debt she was racking up as a student so I sold my one house in London and bought the others.

“My homes are both very modest and quite small really. I think immigration is the bigger issue.”

The home of Suzanne Evans in Mount Street, Shrewsbury. Ms Evans also owns a share in a property for her daughter.

As she unveiled the eurosceptic party’s housing plans yesterday, she said: “Just about every MP in Westminster has two homes, one in London and one in the constituency. I’m no different to any MP.”

The Shrewsbury Ukip candidate’s flat in London, which she says she bought after selling her home in the capital

She said she managed to run her homes on less than an MP’s income and would not be claiming expenses on them.

She said the country is “desperate for housing”, but added: “(There is) no mention of the fact that 600,000 people came to live in Britain last year, over 500,000 the year before that, almost half a million too before that, and back we go.

“It’s ironic to think that some of those migrants may very well have been drawn to Britain because our land is so green and pleasant.

“Net immigration is now at an all-time high. If we want to have any countryside left for ourselves and others to enjoy, we have to stop uncontrolled immigration.”

Ukip has pledged to prioritise bringing back into use around 300,000 empty properties in Britain and “incentivise” developers to build one million homes on brownfield sites by 2025.

Ms Evans said incentives would help end “the destruction of our precious greenbelt”.

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Comments for: "Shrewsbury Ukip candidate Suzanne Evans defends ‘two and a third’ homes"

the fat controller

"I'm no different to any MP" said Suzanne Evans but she's not an MP.


And she never will be.

Mr Majestic

You could say has shrewsbury been a target seat look forward my friend.

Mr Majestic

Oh good god what a non story.

She has a flat in london , her home is in shrewsbury and she has a share in her daughters proprty AND?

She spends time in london , she runs a successful business her home is in shrewsbury and she helps her daughter out by assisting her on the property ladder.

Two of the above most decent hard working parents do or have, I am aware of a number of shrewsbury residents who own over 5 properties in shrewsbury, i am aware of shrewsbury residents who also own property in spain,france,Ireland .

We do not have a rule in the uk that we are all skint,struggle to own , etc people work for what tbey have .

Unfortunately the low paid cannot achieve this as lomg as their wages are driven down,by unfair competition from EU migrants and some uk people put down all forms of aspiration down. ,,,oh how british of late,,,,


Maj....I'd be interested to know if you would be squealing with indignation quite so much if she were a Labour, Lib Dem or, Heaven forbid a Green candidate?

However I do agree with you that it is a non-story. She hasn't a chance of getting in and will be forgotten about on 8 April.

Ben Sirach

8th April was last week!

Mr Majestic

No people work hard ,help their children out, aspire to property owning great. lab,lib,green,con,ukip all good in my book if they do the above as are those who choose not to buy but just want an affordable rental and a decent landlord.


Totally with you, Mrs Maj. The suggestion that everyone should be limited to one property is indefensible.

I have a tent. Does that count :)

Tony in BC


Did you buy it yourself or receive a down payment from your Pa . What is the mortgage rate for tents in the UK.


Lol @ (or rather, with) Tony. I bought it at a tent display in The Quarry, they were packing up and wanted to sell rather than take it back to the shop, so I paid £30 for a £100 tent :)

Mr Majestic

We could also take issue with ordinary people owning 40k static caravans ,90k log cabins scattered around the uk, time shares abroad , apartments abroad, those who have inherited a parents home and now rentvit out , peoplecwho invest in small plots of land .

Yes let whinge about people who have got something you haven't got.

All gained from hard work, occasionally luck, or family.

the fat controller

Suzanne Evans is on a sticky wicket with this one.

Second homes (among other things) are contributing more to the shortage of housing in this country than immigration and, in my opinion, anyone with more than one property for their own personal use is hardly in the position to grouse about housing shortages.


A case of 'don't do as I do - do as I say'.

And to suggest that somehow immigrants, who have very little impact on our social housing shortages, are to blame, is simply another example of UKIP's ridiculous obsession with scapegoating them for almost every one of our country's current problems. How on earth can they claim not to be xenophobes?

Mr Majestic

Oh behave this is really scraping the bottomvof the barrel im starting to feel embarrassed for you picking it up ,dear oh dear.

Michael Ryan

The Shropshire Star was very wrong to print photographs of Ms Evans' homes as such action can easily lead to harassment of Ms Evans or worse.

Perhaps there's concern that UKIP are a real threat to the established political order here in Shrewsbury?

the fat controller

Harassment or worse? Oh please.

Labeling opponents as slightly dangerous - is this the start of the positive General Election campaign that Nigel Farage promised?

The only issue at a ukip polititian's home that I can find with the help of my trusty friend google, involves a UKIP MEP assaulting his wife.


Shrewsbury is not a target seat for ukip.

Ben Sirach

Let's all publish our addresses so that people we disagree with can be confronted in person on the doorstep!

the fat controller

Lots of people's addresses are public - local councillors, business owners, vicars, secretaries of local societies etc etc. but it doesn't mean that others seek them out if they disagree with their views. It's preposterous to suggest that we live in such an antagonistic society.

Mr Majestic

Interesting but the issue is what need or motive to post pictures of the homes .


To try to humiliate her?

She has absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, and nothing to defend. Lots of people have huge investments, whether in their own right or in pension schemes, and I hear no criticism of that.


'She has absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, and nothing to defend'

Apart from supporting UKIP, of course.

Mr Majestic

Well could be worse she could be a labour of green .


A labour of green? - Is that something she gets her gardener to do?

Jay Alday

People are allowed second homes but yes they do add to the housing crisis and two is one thing but three is a bit greedy

King Billy

Despite the vaguely amusing irony of someone who is saying much about a housing crisis having several houses, this is really a non-story and a distraction. Suzanne Evans has the means, and thus the right, to own several houses. In that respect, good luck to her. If I had enough money to buy several houses, I probably would, as, I suspect, would most people complaining about this. I'm much less concerned with how many houses she owns than the fact that she appears to be intelligent, certainly intelligent enough to write a manifesto, but is supporting UKIP. Normally I'd charitably assume people who support UKIP just aren't really very good at thinking, because it's the only explanation for being hoodwinked by a cheap sideshow of a party who promise things that would never work and resort to scapegoating immigrants and the sick to garner support. An intelligent person supporting UKIP must know that the party is a sham, and thus the only conclusion I can come to is that such a person must be a sinister and despicable self serving charlatan. That concerns me a lot more than how many houses they might possess.

Mr Majestic

Ok as a ukip supporter I think the same of all labour and green supporters .

Greens the utterly bonkers party oh to live in utopia.

Labour a party where it's mps goal is to have everyone in poverty ,benefit reliant as they rule the roost and offer sympathy and the relevant aid.

All ukips policies are common sense, nobody is scapegoating immigrants, all we ask for is controlled immigration from the European. Union.

Noted the green on the debate evaded the question on what's wrong with her country of births immigration programme?

Labour party ,one issue party the NHS.Yes we actually accept the nhs is made up of 40% immigrant workers who WOULD STILL be here working under the Australian points system.

We have an issue with being flooded with unskilled migrant workers, they are not required by anyone other than third rate employers who are deliberately getting rid of uk workers and employing cheaper staff.employers from local farmers who use to employ Brits and part of the package was a free house with the job ,now minimum wage and a damp caravan with utilities deducted from wages. A local taxi firm owner who went abroad to look for taxi drivers and told them to come over on self employed basis allowing to claim benefits quicker and get around New migrant and benefit rules ,pays them less than the Brits and got rid of his brit workers also rents the shared accommodation.

Health tourism yep immigrants do that yep some get billed trouble is they don't pay the bill.

Pressure on public services due to immigration in some areas fact.

Some immigrants given social housing fact indeed 7 side housing employed a polish translated to talk to their polish tenants fact.

Cutting foreign aid would still mean we give the same as the USA what's people's problem with that ? What is wrong in helping our own in need , we have thousands visiting bloody food banks

My suggestion all these people who prefer to help and aid others outside the UK while people here are suffering need to get their heads out of their arss and get real .


I'd have thought a UKIP supporter would have a better grasp of English. Or have I set my expectations a bit high?


below the belt publishing pictures of her house really


They show well that she is not contributing to the housing shortage. Not exactly first time buyer properties, are they. And, she has nice taste :)

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