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Football Twitter goes wild for cathedral bust that looks like John Motson

The likeness was caught by Mike Williams, who was on his honeymoon in Naples.

Former BBC football commentator John Motson and a bust in Italy

A video of a cathedral bust that looks like former Match Of The Day commentator John Motson has amused thousands on Twitter.

Mike Williams, 32, a sports presenter for the BBC, happened upon the bust during his honeymoon in Naples.

“Delighted to have finally been able to see the famous stone bust of John Motson in Naples’ historic il Duomo cathedral,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Every year, Ronnie Radford leads a pilgrimage of Motty fans from Hereford out here to Italy to pay homage to the great man. A wonderful moment of reflection.”

The post accrued more than 2,500 likes on Twitter, and prompted plenty of comments also.

“We wanted to visit the famous Duomo di Napoli so that’s pretty much the first place we headed,” Mike told the Press Association.

“We spent about 45 minutes inside and it was just as I was leaving that I spotted this stone bust.

“I was looking at it for at least 30 seconds before it dawned on me that whoever it was meant to be was also a dead ringer for John Motson.

“The reaction has been hilarious. People have been sending me mocked up pictures of the bust in a sheepskin coat and different Motty memes all day.”

And while Mike isn’t sure who the bust is supposed to be, he hopes the cathedral benefits from the likeness to one of football’s best-known voices.

“(I) have no idea who the statue actually is,” said Mike. “But (I) am hoping the Duomo di Napoli now gets an influx of British football fans keen to pay tribute to St John of Motson.”

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