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Wolves resolve phone line issue over season tickets

Wolves have now resolved a technical issue that was stopping supporters from making seat relocation requests for season ticket holders.


Phone lines opened at 9am this morning for season ticket holders to request a seat relocation at Molineux, after 90 per cent of fans renewed their ticket for next season.

But supporters were met with a technical problem that meant they could not get through to speak to the ticket office and many took to social media to vent their frustration.

Wolves were able to fix the problem shortly before 1pm and have since issued a statement to supporters.

It read: "Unfortunately, we've had provider issues throughout the morning across our phone lines. Apologises for the inconvenience caused to supporters.

"If supporters are still unable to connect, this means the queue is full and we would advise to hang up and try again. 0371 222 1877."

When Wolves announced the season ticket seat relocation on Wednesday, they confirmed that the availability was limited.

A previous statement read: "With a large uptake in season ticket renewals, availability is limited in the Stan Cullis and Sir Jack Hayward Stands, with just 48 pairs of seats open to relocations in the North Bank and 55 pairs in the South Bank.

"For groups of three, there are 13 areas available in the Stan Cullis and 20 in the Sir Jack Haward Stand, and for groups of four, five areas are free in the North Bank and only two in the South Bank. Supporters are urged to act quick if they wish to relocate, with requests to relocate granted on a first come, first served basis."