Wolves reviewing fan loyalty scheme

Wolves are reviewing their stance on the loyalty point system for home games after fan backlash at scrapping it, the Express & Star understands.


Supporters vented their anger on Tuesday when emails were sent out to those with the highest loyalty points outlining changes to how home match tickets will be sold for the 2020/21 season.

Instead of the usual sales windows for those with loyalty points – which often sees the 3,000 tickets available snapped up – Wolves are planning to sell tickets on a first come, first served basis for all members, regardless of how many loyalty points they have built up.

It is understood, from the club’s point of view, that they were keen to give all supporters a chance to see Wolves play in person, rather than the same supporters with the highest loyalty points picking up the tickets each week.

The email reads: “This gives all members – regardless of their geographic location – an equal opportunity to enjoy attending games at Molineux.”

Only around 3,000 are available for each match after factoring in season tickets and away supporters.

But many fans have reacted angrily to the plans, which they believe is punishing those that have put their money into the club.

Not only that, but Wolves also launched a ‘My Wolves Plus’ membership, which is invitation only for those fans with high loyalty points, and gives them an ‘exclusive ticket purchase window’ ahead of other members, but can only be used for six games during the upcoming season.

It is also costing those fans an extra £20 on top of the £35 they have already paid for membership. For juniors it is an extra £15 on top of their original £20 membership.

The club has also outlined that the My Wolves Plus membership can not be transferred to another person and those purchasing tickets during the ‘exclusive window’ can only buy one ticket and not include family members.

Now, after fan backlash at the plans, the Express & Star understands that Wolves are reviewing the scheme.

Meetings have taken place to assess how they will now act and whether any changes will be made to the current plans.

Supporters currently have until July 30 to buy the My Wolves Plus membership, but it remains to be seen how the club will amend the current scheme. Many supporters have been left furious at the decision and have taken to social media to vent their anger.

Sean Coleman said: “I’ve paid my membership for three years now to keep my points up to get the tickets early. Now someone can buy a membership for the first time today and get the same priority as me. Absolute joke.”

The change only affects home games however, with loyalty points still being used to determine priority for away matches.

Although the majority of fans disapprove of the move, some supporters have welcomed the change as it will increase the likelihood of them picking up tickets during the season, rather than the ‘closed shop’ they have experienced in recent years.

Edward Goring said: “As a fan who lives in the south east and a paying member for a few years I think it’s a good idea. Yes there should be a system in place for people who can go all the time but it’s been heavily weighted that way and I welcome them making it easier for everyone, not just a few.”

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