Shrewsbury community column: Football through the night to help raise vital funds

Prior to starting my employment, I was of the opinion that Shrewsbury Town in the Community were very much a football coaching company, similar to many others within the county and indeed across the country.

Shrewsbury Town (AMA)
Shrewsbury Town (AMA)

It was only when researching the organisation for my application that I realised how wrong I was. Since being in position, I have accompanied the players on Christmas visits to the children’s ward at local hospitals.

I have worked in partnership with the Shrewsbury Ark to provide health and fitness interventions; to their clients who sleep rough or live without a fixed address.

I have seen colleagues go above and beyond to deliver suicide interventions to some of our weekly participants. I have been contacted by our supporter liaison officers and even our very own vice-chairman to ask if they can be involved in delivering isolation packs to the elderly during lockdown. I have witnessed a community come together to support each other in and around the Shropshire area.

We are very much aware that we need to continue pushing the stories of our charity. I am sure, there are many fans, who are in the same position that I once was and are unaware of the true extent of the work of the charity and indeed your football club. If I have learnt anything over my time being here, it is that the football club is definitely one that you can all be very proud of. The work really does change people’s lives and it’s changing the lives of the people who live in our county; our friends, our neighbours, our family members.

As you read this article, I will be featuring in our first ever 24-hour football match, of which, myself and some fantastic volunteers are playing for 10 hours through the night. We are doing so to raise money for Shrewsbury Town in the Community, to allow us to continue our great work and to continue expanding our offering, so we’re able to reach even more people and offer a great number of programmes and interventions.

I am therefore asking for your help. We have set ourselves the ambitious target of raising £2,000 from the event and would welcome any donations that you are able to make.

We are well aware that the last 18 months have been tough for a lot of people and are grateful for any donation regardless of the amount. If you’re not able to donate, you can help in other ways, perhaps you would be able to share our JustGiving page on your social media or even tell your friends of our event.

Lastly, please do take a few moments to learn a little more about what we do, read our website, pop into one of our hubs or grab a staff member on match days (we’re always wandering about). I promise, in doing so, you’ll be a little prouder of the club you support; Shrewsbury Town, YOUR community football club. To make a donation, visit

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