POLL: Is the Super League a bad idea? 96% say YES

A Shropshire Star poll has revealed the depth of opposition to the creation of a European Super League.

Super League Poll resuslts
Super League Poll resuslts

Twelve clubs – including Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal – shocked the world by announcing plans for a new breakaway competition late on Sunday night.

Their proposal has received widespread criticism from fans, pundits, players and managers – with many believing it is driven solely by greed and money.

Thousands of supporters took part in a survey on the Express & Star website to have their say on the proposed European Super League and the clubs that are behind it.

And an emphatic 96 per cent of voters said the creation of a Super League is a bad idea and they are against it.

The big six’s decision to form the breakaway competition has led to calls they should be punished – with England and Newcastle legend Alan Shearer saying they should be banished from competing in the Premier League next year.

And 92 per cent of supporters who took part in our survey agreed the clubs now need to face sanctions for their actions.

Asked what that penalty should be, 60 per cent of fans called for the top six to be banished from the Premier League, the FA Cup and League Cup.

Meanwhile, 17 per cent said they should face a points dedication, 12 per cent of participants said they should be relegated while eight per cent said they should have a points deduction imposed.

Only three per cent of the thousands of people that took part said there should be no punishment at all.

Supporters were also asked what they think the prime motivation for the Super League is – with 98 per cent saying money and just two per cent of people saying it is down to the clubs seeking regular top-class competition.

Asked whether the Premier League would survive without the so-called ‘Big Six’, 88 per cent of fans said it will – with only 12 per cent believing the competition will struggle without them.

Supporters were also quizzed on whether the absence of the big six would stop them from going to watch the likes of Wolves, Albion and Villa.

A total of 81 per cent of people voted no – that they would continue to go to matches no matter who their team was playing.

Twelve per cent of people said they may go slightly less if the division’s heavyweights no longer come to town.

And seven per cent of voters said the absence of the big six would definitely lead to them attending less games.

The final question asked was whether fans would be happy to see a Premier League without the breakaway clubs.

A substantial 75 per cent of people voted yes – believing it will lead to a more competitive competition for the teams that do compete in it.

But 25 per cent of people voted no – with their belief that the best clubs and the best players should be in the Premier League.

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