Beaumont Lawrence Chartered Insurance Brokers

Beaumont Lawrence are a dedicated commercial insurance broker based in Shrewsbury.

The award-winning Chartered Insurance Brokers have been supporting households across Shropshire with a range of sustainable insurance services since 1973.

Beaumont Lawrence's philosophy focuses on providing their clients with a first-class choice of commercial insurance services.

As one of the few commercial insurance firms to have reached a Chartered status in the UK, Beaumont Lawrence are now taking a thorough understanding of the household insurance landscape into the digital age, in an effort to reach more clients.

Services now include:

House insurance

High-value insurance

Claim management

Cyber and identity theft

Business and property insurance


Beaumont Lawrence has been providing practical and sustainable commercial insurance solutions for over 40 years.

The Shropshire-based Chartered Insurance Broker recognises that many businesses within the county face the serious risk of flooding and water damage and because of that, insuring assets against the risk of flood damage has become essential.

Adequate planning and cover is needed to mitigate losses and protect a business if the worst happens.

The team at Beaumont Lawrence listen to how a business operates and will put together a sustainable and manageable plan that will work to meet that business' exact needs.


Beaumont Lawrence is a Shropshire family firm that understands the needs of businesses trading and working all over the world.

The team has worked on the construction and siting of a North Sea Oil Exploration Platform as well as insuring contractors working in the Middle East and Marine Cargo dispatched all over the world.

Experience in all types of insurance in a variety of countries and a variety of industries means our knowledge when it comes to settling claims is extensive.

Led by claims manager, Sue Hyne, the Chartered brokers deal with every claim ourselves and never outsource believing in a professional and dedicated claim handling service.


As online security breaches and identity theft persist as an increasing problem for a number of businesses, cyber insurance has become essential for many firms.

Beaumont Lawrence have a great level of experience in handling contemporary cyber insurance FAQs and queries, and because of this, the professional insurance brokers now sell bespoke Cyber Insurance policies to provide the very best protection for all businesses.

Cover is provided against risks such as hacking and virus attacks, technology errors, data breaches and the risk of defamation, privacy breaches and infringement of intellectual property from the use of electronic media.


Productivity can be the key to a hugely successful company and it's no secret that the happiness and health of employees is widley considered as the key to a business' productivity.

For many businesses, the way to achieve maximum productivity is to show staff they are cared for by providing them with the means to care for themselves.

Beaumont Lawrence has been working with businesses for more than 40 years to find the very best health coverage and staff care policies.

With a health insurance plan in place, employees are more likely to have regular check-ups and take preventative medical steps to ensure they don't take as many sick days.

And if their health does take a turn for the worse they can be safe in the knowledge that their employer has provided the necessary support for them.

Call Beaumont Lawrence today, a dependable and professional chartered insurance broker and see how they can help you secure a safer future today.