CarColour is an express mobile body shop, specialising in providing car body repainting in Shrewsbury.

Based in Battlefield Enterprise Park, CarColour are experts at car paint spraying and van repainting in Shropshire, offering a high quality service for vehicle owners of all makes and models.

With a wealth of experience behind them, CarColour are capable of matching your original colour exactly, using optimal techniques to ensure a good finish and consistent quality. Even if your vehicle has a custom colour, CarColour are capable of providing that exact colour and offering a complete car respray.

Vehicle respraying is a great way of giving your car a fresh and updated look as well as helping to cover up scratches and mis-matched colour changes. Car respraying can even be used in classic car restoration, giving your car a completely new image while covering up any signs of mishandlings.

All of the technicians employed by CarColour are experts in their field, with many years of experience in all forms of car body respraying and van respraying. Their whole car resprays are thorough, with the vehicle completely stripped down to ensure no section is missed.

CarColour even utilise their own brand of paint, ensuring a high standard of quality control that is consistent throughout all of their car paint repair and body respraying services.

For a complete range of car respraying and repainting in Shrewsbury, you need CarColour.