LETTER: Results of vote should not be a surprise to party

A reader discusses Labour.


It surprises me no end that Labour Party members and voters appear incredulous that the Hartlepool by-election and local Government results were so disastrous for the party.

They seemed to think that Brexit was over and the status quo would return. I speak as a precious red waller in a 69% Leave area and ask them this question in two parts;

Why would I return to vote for a Labour Party who completely ignored the North/Midlands ‘Leave’ vote? Some of them called us thick, stupid, bigotted. They didn’t understand what we voted for etc etc, with a blocking party chock full of ‘Remoaners’ like Lamming, Clive Lewis, Abbett, Thornberg, Duffield and Philips who carry on grieving the EU and playing politics (we don’t care about the wallpaper luvvies!).

Why would I desert a leader who laid his political career on the line by proroguing Parliament and bravely ridded his party of undemocratic ‘Remoaners’? Notwithstanding, I would be leaving the magnificent ERG and the likes of Bridgen, Bione, Baker, Braveman, Cash and so many more.

Sorry Labour, the red wall is now blue, and will remain so for a long time. The country is far more Brexit now than it was in 2016, as evidenced by the landslide given to Boris at the General Election.

We are fed up of ‘wokism’. Not only that, we enjoy interacting with second, third and upwards migrant friends. We have Poles, Chinese, Indians etc. We get on with them all. What we don’t have to do as Londoners do, is look over our shoulders while shopping in our high street for a crazed knifeman.

Tomas Turner, Rugeley

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