LETTER: It is too late for apologies now

A reader discusses Martin Bashir.

Former BBC News religion editor Martin Bashir.
Former BBC News religion editor Martin Bashir.

For 25 years Martin Bashir and the BBC concealed the truth about Princess Diana, who in 1995 was tricked on the Panorama’s interview with Martin Bashir which was screened worldwide.

Martin Bashir used ‘mocked up’ bank statements to suggest that Princess Diana was under surveillance, to win the trust of Diana’s brother the Earl Spencer to gain access to Diana.

We are now hearing apologies from Martin Bashir saying he didn’t want to harm Diana. Unfortunately he is 25 years too late, the damage has already been done and his apologies are not good enough; Princess Diana is not here to defend herself. With his reputation in tatters he still cannot bring himself to admit he was wrong, now at 58 he has retired through illness.

As far as the BBC is concerned they had covered up what they knew about Martin Bashir and what he had done and all the lies that had been told by him, so why did BBC re-hire Bashir in 2016 as Religion Editor trusted to interview the Pope, how anyone can trust the BBC ever again? For many years people from all over the world have looked up to the BBC but things are now changing, Princess Diana was extremely popular worldwide.

Why has there not been a dawn raid by Police on Bashir’s home seizing equipment and the fake documents he has used to deceive Earl Spencer? Is this not a crime? Will Martin Bashir ever be brought to justice I wouldn’t hold your breath.

In 2012 when Sir Keir Starmer was State Prosecutor where many innocent Sun journalists were dragged through the criminal courts for publishing true stories. So why are the police not knocking on Bashir’s door, will he ever be brought to justice together with the BBC?

The BBC receives most of its income from licence fee payers so the BBC should show some respect to them and remain completely honest and impartial with what news they give them, it is what the British people pay for and expect from them.

Jackie Lewis, Pattingham

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