LETTER: Brexit was just a cynical ploy

A reader discusses Brexit.


Why were the Tories so set on pushing through Brexit? The EU rules guaranteed good food standards, good working conditions, strong environmental controls and the prevention of monopolies which exploit consumers.

The reality is that Tories wanted deregulation to suit their cronies and their own interests, Importing and selling substandard food - chlorinated chicken and steroid beef, exploiting workers, driving down pay, and polluting and damaging the environment. This is put forward by Daniel Hannan, recently given a peerage by Boris Johnson. He also advocated deregulation of Hedge Funds, so we know who is actually pulling the strings. (The Independent 6 January 2021.)

Brexit gives that opportunity. Johnson is pandering to his wealthy cronies, ignoring the needs of the poor and vulnerable. Compromising the future of our children and grandchildren.

Already we are seeing this. A toxic pesticide that is banned in the EU because it kills bees, is now allowed. Plans are already afoot to remove the maximum working week from 48 hours, so workers can be pressurised to work far longer, irrespective of safety.

EU rules limit the ability of the rich to exploit ordinary people. Brexit Tories wanted Brexit and deregulation so they could become even richer. “Taking back control” and sovereignty were just glib smoke screens.

Using the worse pandemic to hit us in a hundred years to smuggle in deregulation and then to dismantle the Brexit Commons subcommittee to prevent accountability shows just what a cynical ploy Brexit was.

Andrew Milroy, Trowbridge

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