LETTER: Deniers must wake up to the reality of the virus situation

A reader discusses coronavirus deniers.

Image of a coronavirus
Image of a coronavirus

Hardly a day goes by without the ‘anti-covid’ people getting exposure in the media for their cause.

Personally I think they’ve missed a trick. How? Well they’re fond of claiming that it doesn’t exist and all the fuss is some sort of Government conspiracy.

Why didn’t they go the whole hog and say that all the testing going on is so that the Government can get hold of all of our DNA profiles? Personally I wouldn’t care if they did, after all if you haven’t done anything wrong criminally then what have you got to be worried about?

They claim that fascists are working hand in hand with our Government. Poppycock and balderdash, what we should be concerned about are the outlandish claims being made by the covid deniers. Now they may fervently believe that they’re right, but it’s a pity that the science doesn’t agree with them.

Like most of us, I know people who have suffered the covid bug, some of whom are no longer here to share a drink and a laugh with. And I miss them. Maybe some of these deniers should volunteer to go into hospitals where the staff are in danger of being overwhelmed by this bug? Of course because it’s a made-up thing they wouldn’t need PPE or any other protection would they?

If these deniers saw, first hand, how ill people were suffering, they might have a road to Damascus moment when the truth dawned on them. They could even start wearing masks and giving people space when out shopping, they could follow the ‘advice’ to stop mixing in large social groups, or staying in their ‘bubble’ and avoid risking passing this virus onto someone else. Just because they’re not showing symptoms doesn’t mean that they aren’t passing this bug on.

To be honest I don’t think many of us enjoy wearing a mask – especially, if like me, you wear glasses which steam up very easily and quickly. But if that mask stops me getting someone else’s Covid I can live (literally) with the inconvenience.

One last point, NO Government would risk destroying their country’s economy with made-up stories as the deniers claim. No Government is going to commit political suicide doing that. They want to continue running the country according to their political hue or mantra.

M Gough, Wombourne

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