LETTER: Biden faces battle to repair damage done by Trump

A reader discusses Joe Biden's task as President.

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden

Now Joe Biden has taken the presidency there will be a sigh of relief in the capitals of the countries in western Europe, also most Americans will be pleased to see the end of the presidency of Donald Trump.

He will be remembered as possibly the worst president in the history of that great nation and almost certainly the worst leader of the free world. His flawed character made an indelible mark on everything he did.

Donald Trump wanted to be remembered as a great man who solved the problems of the world, instead of that he will be remembered as a man who compounded the problems and had no positive impact on the world stage.

World leaders used Donald Trump for their own ends, leaders in the west laughed at him and were embarrassed by him but they also realised he was dangerous because of the harm he was doing to our defensive capabilities.

It is my belief that the only people who will be sorry to see Mr Trump go will be Kim Jong-un and Mr Putin, they both used him for their own gain.

Joe Biden will find it very difficult to repair the damage left behind by Donald Trump especially in the States, millions still believe in Donald Trump, so bringing the people back together will be a monumental task.

Looking at the situation he faces on foreign policy I think he can have a positive effect quite quickly because here in Europe we are anxious to have a man we can deal with who we can trust.

Joe Biden begins his presidency with the world in a far more dangerous position than it was in 2017, the whole world will be looking at Mr Biden and other world leaders and hoping and praying they will work together to make the world a safer place for everyone.

John Green, Sedgley

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