LETTER: We all need to co-operate to get rid of this virus

A reader discusses the coronavirus pandemic.

A man in a face mask in London
A man in a face mask in London

To rid our country of this deadly virus we desperately need 100% co-operation from the people of this country.

With the virus in its second phase it is imperative that everyone follows the rules set out by the Government, and not just some people. Where we are seeing certain people entering stores without wearing a mask and unfortunately have not been stopped from entering the store.

We see top footballers breaking the Covid laws by partying in large gatherings.

When watching the news on TV, a player of a top football club was seen spitting on the ground, which is done so many times at football matches. What about a BIG fine for these ‘spitters’ especially on the football pitch when they are playing in a big game and when the game is being televised, the money could go to a charity.

Footballers should know better, they should not send out such bad habits to the fans, especially the young ones, where so many of them adore the footballers.

Some people think they are invincible and cannot catch the virus. How do they know? No-one knows what has caused it. That is why we have no antidote.

Many years ago pubs closed at 10.30pm sharp and it was no big deal, probably because many people were short of money, so it shouldn’t be so difficult to do.

Why can't everyone help each other, stick together and do what is right to get us out of this crisis?

Jackie Lewis, Pattingham

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