LETTER: Take action over pavement parking

A reader discusses parking issues.

Pavement parking
Pavement parking

Now that the Government has indicated that local authorities can now ban pavement parking, as is the case in London, local authorities in this area should grasp it with both hands.

Wherever you go here the streets are littered with vehicles. For those with sight problems this is a disaster as they could be injured.

Cars are covering the whole of the area where people walk, with two or three cars on the pavement, sometimes also another half on the pavement.

Those with buggies or wheelchairs, scooters or walking have to go into the road with oncoming vehicles approaching them.

I am told it is not an offence to park on the pavement, but it is to drive on them. To park you have to drive on them. Some are also parked across cycle lanes, I have seen caravans and trailers doing this.

Is the parking of lorries on the pavement illegal?

Because I see them there. Some are parked by side roads and you can’t see anything coming out so you might have an accident or be run over.

If drivers have to go round parked cars onto traffic coming the other way, that can be dangerous.

Please, local authorities, stop parking on the pavement and on the roads which have through-traffic.

D Winterborn, West Midlands

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