LETTER: It’s important to show appreciation for our drivers

A reader hails delivery drivers.

Hail your delivery drivers
Hail your delivery drivers

As the reality of mass job losses spreads across the West Midlands it is even more important that we respect and support our delivery drivers in their hard work. A job is a job, whether you’re a doctor or if you’re a delivery driver. You have no right to mock someone just because you are earning more money than the other person or think certain jobs are demeaning. We are all trying to put food on the table.

Sadly, too many people have become benefit scroungers, fraudsters and free handout con artists. Indeed thousands make their livelihood from their cheapskate beauracratic idleness. I expect you all know who we are talking about in your own neighbourhood. Never done a days work but have 4x4s and caravans in Wales!

Dignity is swallowing your pride to do whatever work is necessary for you to support yourself and family, not free state handouts for life. Indeed, delivery drivers are today’s job safety net. In the difficult days ahead for our economy and communities delivery drivers could be any of us.

I have been massively grateful to delivery drivers, their respectful social distancing and professional attitude. On a poor average wage of less than £7.50 an hour, below national minimum wage, we must fully support their work.

It is beyond doubt that delivery drivers are in demand. Currently there are more vacancies than skilled drivers. It is another failure in our education and training system that driving skills have not been supported as have some ‘ropey’ apprenticeships and university courses.

Let’s have more time and respect for our delivery drivers. Complain about the skivers and welfare cheats rather than hard working staff doing hours of underpaid work and without a genuine appreciation for all they do for us.

Doug James, Walsall

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