LETTER: Get informed on climate change

A reader discusses Extinction Rebellion protests.

Extinction Rebellion protests Photo: SnapperSK
Extinction Rebellion protests Photo: SnapperSK

In his letter of September 21 Peter Steggles makes three erroneous claims about Extinction Rebellion (XR). In order of appearance, the first of these is that XR protests against “the system”. What does that mean? XR is a global movement which aims to alert people and their Governments to the threat that climate change poses to our planet and all of its species. It demands that Governments tell the truth that this is as an emergency and take immediate action.

Secondly, he alleges that many members are in receipt of social welfare benefits. I am not aware of any research that proves this to be the case but am ready to be corrected should such evidence exist. Thirdly XR members do not disrupt people’s everyday lives as a matter of course. Telford Extinction group have taken a number of actions over the past six weeks for example with the sole aim of drawing people’s attention to the climate crisis. Not one, including several litter picks has disrupted anyone else’s life.

Some of XR’s actions (all non-violent) in London and other big cities may have inconvenienced people but they are protesting about the lack of attention being given to a life threatening issue. Some perspective is needed.

I respectfully suggest that a better use of Pete and Uncle Norbert’s time, rather than chaining themselves to doorways of people who care about the environment and the future of the planet, would be to get informed about climate change. A good place to start would be Extinction Rebellion’s website (extinctionrebellion.uk ). To find out about more local actions there is a public Telford Extinction Rebellion group on Facebook.

Bev McCarthy, Wellington

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