Letter: Litter pickers valued by those still with respect

Richard Mcilwain (deputy CEO Keep Britain Tidy) is absolutely right in his observations on the litter epidemic in Britain. Voluntary group litter clearing is praiseworthy but is never going to keep pace with those who automatically drop litter on streets and those who fly-tip in towns and in the countryside with increasing impunity.

Litter on the Long Mynd
Litter on the Long Mynd

Some towns have public space protection orders but the worst offenders are often ignored in favour of those who, having dropped a fag end down a drain, are easy targets because they are not drunk, abusive or threatening.

In towns rubbish is often dumped outside the property or in what might have been a garden simply because it can be.

We have been teaching rights without responsibilities for years, and allowing even serious crimes to go unpunished. There are many by-laws concerning conduct in streets, parks and open spaces that are ignored by many who use them, despite signage and who wouldn’t welcome being informed.

So those who pick up others’ litter (at some risk to themselves) including alcohol and drug- related detritus in children’s’ play areas, have never been more valued by those who still respect their environment.

Mike Crump, Bridgnorth

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