LETTER: Fight harder to protect our planet

A reader urges others to do their bit to save the planet.

Earth in orbit, viewed from Space.
Earth in orbit, viewed from Space.

Our planet is screaming at us to stop killing it. Over a million wild life species have disappeared due to human destruction of their environment. Multimillion pound house builders are hell bent on obliterating the historic landscape. They have mercilessly pillaged and raped our majestic, forest tree line. Trees lie rotting, dumped where the digger has ripped them out of the earth, splintered tree trunks stand defiant, testament to the savagery of their death.

We cry in the woods, we are all accountable, we all hold responsibility, we are all guilty. Those of us who have fought for decades to protect our fragile ecology have not fought hard enough; Governments relaxing planning laws ruthlessly forcing their build build build objective, in one size fits all bombastic rhetoric; Local Authority cowardly hiding behind decades old out of date planning decisions too weak to stand up for what is right or act in the best interests of their only source of wealth and prosperity, US.

Because trees do not have protection orders does not justify their annihilation, because you can doesn’t mean you should.

C Williams, Lawley Bank

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