Letter: Writing was on the wall over our EU negotiations

MP Kawczynski stated in the Star on August 28, that the Tories will not strike a deal with the EU by December. He thought this was now the best outcome. WAKE UP. This was the ONLY outcome the right wing Tories would allow. It would not take a genius to arrive at this conclusion.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

This will also have an inflationary effect on the egos of PM Cummings and his many obedient followers. Hope he is prepared for more unemployed, more food banks, more homeless and more depression. Many reports have forecast this as the most likely scenario. Stop blaming the EU for not meeting the Tories’ impossible demands as the remaining (?) UK leaves the club. I see he pulls the old “our nationalism in danger” stunt ... Tell that to the hungry, the homeless and depressed who do not live in mansions or palaces.

New deals take time. For example the deal with Canada took eight years. Someone in charge has to move rather smartly to save our sovereign country. Perhaps the MP should get in touch with Vicky Turrell (Talking Point August 28) who points out that fruit and veg will run out rather quickly when we are a “self-sufficient” sovereign island again, but with our sovereignty still unsullied. Although, on second thoughts it might fill him with ideas that run counter to Cummings and co. That as we know can be risky and bad for your CV.

To finish on a lighter note, there are rumours about that Boris might resign after Brexit and seek sunnier uplands. The possible position that comes to mind is as an adviser to Mr T. I can see him, Cummings, Rees-Mogg . . . etc fitting in well. Perhaps during his stay, Mr T will recommend a reliable barber.

Roger Cain, Ludlow

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