Letter: Won’t gyms help to spread the virus?

So we have to wear masks when shopping, going into a takeaway and lots of other things. However, we don’t have to wear one in a pub.

Gyms have been re-open for a month
Gyms have been re-open for a month

We also, if reports on the Biased Broadcasting Company are correct, don’t have to wear one if we go to a gym. Why ever not? You’ll be working out, building up a sweat and probably breathing quite heavily – ideal for spreading bugs around I would imagine.

It does not make sense. Now it doesn’t need rocket science to see this, but surely with all that physical stuff going on bugs are being spread about and with everyone breathing deeply bugs travelling through the air from one person to another very easily. So every gym could become a hot bed of spreading the Covid-19 pestilence about the population. Never mind worrying about this terrible thing being spread about the population by people returning from continental holidays, we’re in as much danger from home sources like gyms.

I’d like to be wrong in my theory, above, but unless someone can offer me scientific proof that I’m wrong, my suspicions will remain.

Perhaps some learned person out there can either prove or disprove my thoughts as being mere conjecture without scientific testing. Personally I’d like to avoid the testing, it could be too dangerous for us all.

M Gough

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