LETTER: Frustrated and annoyed about criticism of Government

A reader questions those criticising the government's response to coronavirus.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

People are getting frustrated and annoyed about this juvenile constant criticism of the Government's management of the most dangerous disease ever to hit this country.

These attacks are shown to be political in nature and unwarranted and unreasonable in detail.

The latest attack by these anti Conservative followers (and out of touch reporters) shows how farcical their thinking is:

First they accuse the Government of being too slow to react (now unbelievably) they are accusing them of being too quick to react with the Spanish spike. You couldn't make it up.

Next they accuse the Government of throwing a blanket over the whole country (England) and putting quarantine measures in for everybody. So when the Mayors etc. ask for localised control in their areas people accuse the Government of abrogating their responsibility.

I could go through many others to show the misleading misrepresentations and misinformation of this criticism but think these two will suffice to make the point.

Finally now we hear that the number of deaths and the registering of them as Covid no matter how long ago they had it and what else they died from as given a false and far increased death figure than it should be.

National polls and your recent poll showed 70 per cent support for the Government doing a fair job under very difficult and extenuating circumstances without a manual to take off the shelf to guide them.

As I say you couldn't make it up.

Keith Jones, Cradley Heath

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