LETTER: Respect those with hidden disabilities

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A reader urges others to respect those with hidden disabilities

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It was with absolute amazement I read the letter headed "Visually impaired facing challenges". My wife suffers from Alzheimers and when we have been shopping together over the past four months experienced discrimination. My wife wears the hopefully now recognised sunflower lanyard and a badge stating she has Alzheimers when we go shopping or travel anywhere.

Imagine my surprise some weeks ago when the woman in front of us in the queue to pay at the supermarket said "Don't you understand social distancing?" I had to point out my wife doesn't and has Alzheimers. We have been told that it was my problem that my wife has Alzheimers at a high street bank and I was unceremoniously told to leave a high street shop leaving my wife despite it being necessary for us to shop together as one person. Dementia sufferers and carers are considered as one unit for obvious reasons.

Two hundred years ago my wife would have been subjected to the ducking stool. One hundred years ago she would have been placed in an asylum. In the 21st century people need to show respect for people with hidden disabilities.

David Hayes, Claverley

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