LETTER: Masks our armour in long-term battle against this virus

A reader urges others to wear face masks in public.

Shoppers wearing face masks
Shoppers wearing face masks

Boris’s Churchillian rhetoric will not be enough to defeat this virus. Churchill lost a few battles on his hard road to victory but never lost sight that with a lot of input from the allies victory would be his.

It would be wrong to blame Boris for everything that’s gone wrong, being a new virus, mistakes were bound to be made.

No Prime Minister in 102 years has had to deal with anything like this before. This virus has no guns or large armies. Once it was conceived and born in China, it soon found many outlets to transport and deliver this deadly virus to all parts of the globe. They say an army marches on its stomach, this one chose the lazy way and marched inside a stomach. This invasive, invisible virus attacks lungs for its own life support. A nice day in Bournemouth, convinces no one that we can fight it on the beaches.

My answer which has been said by many experts is to make it law to wear masks. It’s been said lately that it’s airborne so social distances would not be much use, we are only taking half measures so far, keeping apart one or two metres, only some with masks on is not enough.

I believe a mask offers two things, it stops spittle and prevents people from touching their mouth and nose. Wearing gloves could also be the answer when we touch hard surfaces. Masks which can be washed would be the preferred option, visors could also help people who couldn't manage a mask. People might find them uncomfortable or sweaty - so what if they save lives.

Fighters years ago went into battle with their armour on, masks should now be our chosen armour.

E W Stanworth, Monkmoor

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