Letter: London exodus could see county homes popular

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If you are all wondering about why there are so many Londoners sniffing around Shropshire houses, this is part of the reason.

Morville Hall

On the market at £1.4m or rent it at £3,000pcm plus, and it’s the cheapest in the street, actually cheapest in any local street in this part of London. Cross the road to a new postcode and double it.

You can get quite a lot up here for that price, but the real reason for the mass exodus from London is that houses like this are falling fast in price and the reason for that is financial services, 85 per cent of clients of local agents are finance connected.

The perks for this line of work are interest-free mortgages with no top limit on price, within reason. But the big investment is not looking so good now. The banks are starting to pack up and leave. Reasons are home working, be it Shropshire or the Outer Hebrides, HQs moving to Frankfurt, Covid-19 and the lack of other careers with banking benefits.

So when the big Range Rover pulls up outside, ring your agent and double the price. As you are asking, no I don‘t have one of these. I have a small flat, the smallest and cheapest you can buy in this area. Am I complaining? Not at all. But every now and then I do have “what if?” thoughts. As one does.

Robin Lloyd, Ellesmere


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