LETTER: Trump will exploit our need for deal

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A reader regrets voting for Brexit.

US President Donald Trump (front) with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab (centre left) snd Prime Minister Boris Johnson(centre right

To my shame I voted for Brexit, honestly believing that the UK would strike a favourable deal with the EU as well as opening new world-wide export markets.

How wrong I was, EU negotiators have run rings around UK negotiators for the last three years. It now seems almost certain that the UK will crash out without a deal, losing much of its most important export market.

Boris Johnson has already gone cap in hand to Donald Trump offering to accept the dumping of chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef despite his promise that this would not happen.

This is just the start. Trump knows he has bumbling Boris over a barrel and will exploit it to the hilt. He has stated that he needs a military victory before his re-election, so expect the UK to be dragged into another pointless and expensive conflict as part of any deal. Welcome to the 51st state!

Bob Rose, Stirchley Park


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