LETTER: Those who packed out beaches should be ashamed

A reader criticises those who have flouted social distancing by heading to Britain's beaches.

The scene on the beach in Bournemouth, Dorset
The scene on the beach in Bournemouth, Dorset

People have been asked by the Government not to congregate on beaches and parks, but it has obviously fallen on deaf ears for some people, unfortunately we have seen thousands of people packed on the beaches without a care in the World. The scenes on the beaches and parks during the heat wave were disgraceful where the selfish ones totally ignored the social distancing putting many peoples’ lives especially the vulnerable at risk.

The beautiful beaches were left with rubbish strewn everywhere for someone else to clean up, and the brawls that took place were disgraceful, this is what they call enjoying themselves, what makes these people ‘tick’. Will they be picking up the bill to clean up the rubbish they had left and the policing that was needed for the fighting that took place, no I suppose not.

These beautiful beaches should have done what Wales did and put up a notice saying that they were 'not welcome stay away'.

I wonder are these the same people who have been using the Queen’s Balmoral Estate as a toilet?

The Balmoral Rangers are furious at having to clear up the filth in which some disgusting tourists had left; Rangers have found increasing quantities of human waste around Balmoral's 50,000 –acre estate. What are these people’s homes like, I wonder?

It is quite obvious they do not share the same love and respect of Balmoral like so many other British and foreign people do who have previously visited Balmoral.

Jackie Lewis, Pattingham

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