LETTER: A murky future

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A reader questions the future regarding the EU.

The extreme right wing of the Tory government clique does not want, under any circumstances, to do a deal with the EU. Imagine you are leaving an organisation of which you were a member. You leave, but specify the bits you want to keep. This would likely be met with a few ripe Anglo Saxon expletives - and quite understandably. No one in government has yet said "great news, some prices will be coming down" because they don't know. Most indications at the moment suggest the opposite will happen.

The Bank of England has recently stated "a fraught few months" in the event of a no deal plus concern that the UK economy will suffer further pain i.e prices will rise and poverty will increase further. All this to please a few well heeled right wingers who are ignoring that almost half the voters voted Remain.

The future is foggy to say the least. Law breaking Cummings and his waffling sidekick Johnson do not have any idea what will occur after the UK leaves. Scotland, Wales and Ireland are asking for an extension. Their chances seem at the moment to be very, very slim meanwhile, in the wings, waits the USA, waiting to flood UK's market with their goodies - chlorinated chickens, hormone fed cattle and expensive pharmaceuticals.

The correspondent claiming the EU will lose its "largest overseas market" is under a misapprehension. The figures recently published show the opposite. Facts seem to be an endangered species of late.

Roger Cain, Ludlow


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