Letter: Flare-up fear as lockdown eased

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A reader believes easing lockdown could cause problems.

Boris Johnson

I fear the danger with unlocking too soon could cause a flare-up.

Think about it. The virus has multiplied geographically, carried from infected areas such as Wuhan and Italy, helped in part by things like the Liverpool v Milan football match and the Cheltenham Festival.

Now it is being suppressed universally. If it flares up it has already done its travelling. It will not be gradual, it will be an inferno.

An analogy is this; Mrs Jones has a pan fire in her kitchen. It spreads from there through her property, but the fire brigade catches it in time and it appears extinguished.

However it is not. There are still burning embers hidden in the rubble. The fire brigade leave, the wind increases and all these embers in many locations burst into flame with many times the ferocity of the original.

We have an example of a minor incident which was not properly dealt with at first. Grenfell Tower. This could be another Grenfell Tower.

If I were Mr Johnson, I would be stamping down on this as hard as possible right now. The far horizon for the British public is the pint in the pub. The trip to the coast. We are winning, for the moment. Otherwise the far horizon will be a blazing tower of disease.

Robin Lloyd, Ellesmere


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