LETTER: We must take this opportunity

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A reader urges other to take the opportunity of the coronavirus pandemic to make a better world.

We must take this opportunity.

Obviously the coronavirus is a terrible thing with many people dying, others taking risks with their health on our behalf and people suffering in loneliness and isolation. The silver lining has been the quiet roads, the clear skies, birdsong and communities pulling together. Many of us (not all, of course, let's clap the key workers here!) have had time to think and watch as nature has put on her most splendid spring show seemingly to help us through.

Successive governments, including the current one, have been complicit with the fossil fuels companies who have continued to make massive profits out of burning our beautiful planet up before our very eyes. We have had viable alternatives for a long time now and had the will been there then we could be well on the way to transitioning to a low carbon, safe world without catastrophic climate, catastrophic disasters, suffering, upheaval and most likely war.

Time is running out and we have had a brief interlude where many of us can see that we can live a different way more in harmony with our planet and each other. This government has shown just how much it cares (not!) for our well being (particularly for the vulnerable) through the handling of this crisis. We have been let down by government but not by each other!

Let’s recognise that we have a precious opportunity for change. Locally we can express this by saying no to the new road the council is planning to the northwest of town. It’s not a done deal, it’s not too late to say no. The road money can be spent on modern, safe transport alternatives for the whole county.

I for one will continue to ask with an open heart of those who have us in their power to use that power in all our best interests not just the interests of the very rich who make more money than most of us can possibly imagine (and they could possible spend) out of destroying our world.

Claire Kirby, Shrewsbury


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